Biling Zhang

According to our database1, Biling Zhang authored at least 32 papers between 2009 and 2019.

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Subspace Channel Identification for Multiuser MIMO STBC-OFDM Systems.
CSSP, 2019

Wireless Network Virtualization with Long-Term Device-to-Device Communication.
Proceedings of the Cognitive Radio-Oriented Wireless Networks, 2019

Resource Allocation for 5G Heterogeneous Cloud Radio Access Networks With D2D Communication: A Matching and Coalition Approach.
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A Contract Game for Direct Energy Trading in Smart Grid.
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A Delay and Traffic Balancing Sensitive Scheme for User Association in Limited Fronthaul H-CRAN s.
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Fast blind channel estimation for space-time block coded MIMO-OFDM systems.
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Convergence-Enhanced Subspace Channel Estimation for MIMO-OFDM Systems with Virtual Carriers.
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Matching game based resource allocation for 5G H-CRAN networks with device-to-device communication.
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Channel Estimation for Space-Time Block Coded OFDM Systems using Few Received Symbols.
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An indirect reciprocity based incentive framework for cooperative spectrum sensing.
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Robust solutions to fuzzy one-class support vector machine.
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A Contract-Based Pricing Scheme for the Renewable Energy Trading.
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A Chinese restaurant game for learning and decision making in cognitive radio networks.
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