Bin Hao

According to our database1, Bin Hao authored at least 27 papers between 2002 and 2021.

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A Large-Scale Rich Context Query and Recommendation Dataset in Online Knowledge-Sharing.
CoRR, 2021

Diversify or Not: Dynamic Diversification for Personalized Recommendation.
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Simulation and analysis of wind turbine radar echo based on 3-D scattering point model.
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The Time Course of Perceptual Closure of Incomplete Visual Objects: An Event-Related Potential Study.
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WiRE: Security Bootstrapping for Wireless Device-to-Device Communication.
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Negative Feedback Aware Hybrid Sequential Neural Recommendation Model.
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Trick or Heat? Attack on Amplification Circuits to Abuse Critical Temperature Control Systems.
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Efficient Training Support Vector Clustering With Appropriate Boundary Information.
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Feature Fusion and Voiceprint-Based Access Control for Wireless Insulin Pump Systems.
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Adaptive Feature Sampling for Recommendation with Missing Content Feature Values.
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Trick or Heat?: Manipulating Critical Temperature-Based Control Systems Using Rectification Attacks.
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Are Ratings Always Reliable? Discover Users' True Feelings with Textual Reviews.
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Voiceprint-Based Access Control for Wireless Insulin Pump Systems.
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