Binh V. Nguyen

According to our database1, Binh V. Nguyen authored at least 20 papers between 2011 and 2020.

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Design of Anti-Jamming Waveforms for Time-Hopping Spread Spectrum Systems in Tone Jamming Environments.
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Antijamming Receiver With Hybrid Blanking - Clipping for DCSK System.
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Designing Anti-Jamming Receivers for NR-DCSK Systems Utilizing ICA, WPD, and VMD Methods.
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Correlation Receiver With Nonlinearity Blanking for DCSK Systems Under Pulse Jamming Attack.
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TH-NRDCSK: A Non-Coherent Time Hopping Chaotic System for Anti-Jamming Communications.
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A Novel Chaotic Time Hopping TH-NRDCSK System for Anti-jamming Communications.
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Analysis and Optimization for Weighted Sum Rate in Energy Harvesting Cooperative NOMA Systems.
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On the Antijamming Performance of the NR-DCSK System.
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Physical Layer Security Schemes for Full-Duplex Cooperative Systems: State of the Art and Beyond.
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Diagnosis of shockable rhythms for automated external defibrillators using a reliable support vector machine classifier.
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Performance Analysis of a Cognitive Radio Network With an Energy Harvesting Secondary Transmitter Under Nakagami-m Fading.
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Shockable Rhythm Diagnosis for Automated External Defibrillators Using a Modified Variational Mode Decomposition Technique.
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On the Anti-Jamming Performance of the NR-DCSK System.
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