Bo Friis Nielsen

According to our database1, Bo Friis Nielsen authored at least 28 papers between 1994 and 2022.

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Characterisation of multivariate phase type distributions.
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A numerical study of Markov decision process algorithms for multi-component replacement problems.
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A bivariate two-state Markov modulated Poisson process for failure modeling.
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Staff optimization for time-dependent acute patient flow.
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Dimensioning a Product Development Project Portfolio Using a Closed Queueing Network.
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Multi-Parameterised Matchmaking: A Framework.
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Obituary: Marcel F. Neuts 1935-2014.
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Information Leakage of Non-Terminating Processes.
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An overview of multivariate gamma distributions as seen from a (multivariate) matrix exponential perspective.
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Moment distributions of phase-type (abstract only).
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Bilateral matrix-exponential distributions (abstract only).
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Analysis of queues with rational arrival process components: a general approach.
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First in Line Waiting Times as a Tool for Analysing Queueing Systems.
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Roadmap Document on Stochastic Analysis
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LBTool: A stochastic toolkit for leave-based key updates.
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A Stochastic Broadcast Pi-Calculus
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A Probabilistic Model of the LMAC Protocol for Concurrent Wireless Sensor Networks.
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Using program package NSPCG to analyze the trunk reservation service protection method.
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