Bo Jin

According to our database1, Bo Jin authored at least 20 papers between 2007 and 2019.

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Unsupervised EEG feature extraction based on echo state network.
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Multi-view Reconstructive Preserving Embedding for Dimension Reduction.
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Predicting the Risk of Heart Failure With EHR Sequential Data Modeling.
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A Treatment Engine by Predicting Next-Period Prescriptions.
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CADEN: A Context-Aware Deep Embedding Network for Financial Opinions Mining.
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Chemical Medicine Classification Through Chemical Properties Analysis.
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An RNN Architecture with Dynamic Temporal Matching for Personalized Predictions of Parkinson's Disease.
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Exploring risk factors and predicting UPDRS score based on Parkinson's speech signals.
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Multitask Dyadic Prediction and Its Application in Prediction of Adverse Drug-Drug Interaction.
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A Convolutional Neural Network Model for Online Medical Guidance.
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Multi-Label Classification Methods for Green Computing and Application for Mobile Medical Recommendations.
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Minimizing Legal Exposure of High-Tech Companies through Collaborative Filtering Methods.
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Maximal Similarity Embedding.
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UT-Tree: Efficient mining of high utility itemsets from data streams.
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Research on Maximal Frequent Pattern Outlier Factor for Online High-Dimensional Time-Series Outlier Detection.
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A similarity measure of Jumping Dynamic Time Warping.
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Chinese Patent Mining Based on Sememe Statistics and Key-Phrase Extraction.
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