Bruce I. Blum

According to our database1, Bruce I. Blum authored at least 37 papers between 1965 and 1996.

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Beyond programming - to a new era of design.
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A Taxonomy of Software Development Methods.
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Representing open requirements with a fragment-based specification.
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The economics of adaptive design.
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Representing Navy tactical computer system knowledge for reengineering and integration.
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Software Engineering in the Year 2000.
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Knowledge Representation in current Design Methods.
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TEDIUM's Window into Design.
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Towards a Uniform Structured Representation for Application Generation.
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A ten year evaluation of an atypical software environment.
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Medical informatics, knowledge, and expert systems.
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The INA: A Simple Query Language with Only Attribute Names.
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Knowledge-Based Software Engineering: A Different Approach.
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Computer Security in a Clinical Environment.
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Toward a paperless development environment.
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Documentation for maintenance: a hypertext design.
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Three Paradigms for Developing Information Systems.
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An information system for developing information systems.
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Computer Technology and Medical Costs.
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An Oncology Clinical Information System.
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An extended arithmetic package.
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