Byung-Won On

According to our database1, Byung-Won On authored at least 57 papers between 2000 and 2021.

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Aggression detection through deep neural model on Twitter.
Future Gener. Comput. Syst., 2021

Correction to "Classification of β-Thalassemia Carriers From Red Blood Cell Indices Using Ensemble Classifier".
IEEE Access, 2021

Classification of β-Thalassemia Carriers From Red Blood Cell Indices Using Ensemble Classifier.
IEEE Access, 2021

A node resistance-based probability model for resolving duplicate named entities.
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Bucket-Sorted Hash Join.
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Predicting pulsar stars using a random tree boosting voting classifier (RTB-VC).
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Fake News Stance Detection Using Deep Learning Architecture (CNN-LSTM).
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COVID-19 Future Forecasting Using Supervised Machine Learning Models.
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A Bi-LSTM and <i>k</i>-NN Based Method for Detecting Major Time Zones of Overloaded Vehicles.
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Heartbeat Sound Signal Classification Using Deep Learning.
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Product reputation mining: bring informative review summaries to producers and consumers.
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Automated Essay Scoring: A Siamese Bidirectional LSTM Neural Network Architecture.
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Prognosis Essay Scoring and Article Relevancy Using Multi-Text Features and Machine Learning.
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Controversy detection in Wikipedia using semantic dissimilarity.
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R-Tree for phase change memory.
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A Network Coverage Information-Based Sensor Registry System for IoT Environments.
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A Reconfiguration Method for Preserving Network Bandwidth and Nodes Energy of Wireless Sensor Networks.
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Understanding the network fundamentals of news sources associated with a specific topic.
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A case study for understanding the nature of redundant entities in bibliographic digital libraries.
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Gathering Web Pages of Entities with High Precision.
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Discriminative and deterministic approaches towards entity resolution.
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A big data management system for energy consumption prediction models.
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PTL: PRAM translation layer.
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Meta similarity.
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Are your citations clean?
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