Cheng-Yuan Ku

  • National Chung Cheng University, Chia-Yi County, Taiwan

According to our database1, Cheng-Yuan Ku authored at least 52 papers between 1997 and 2023.

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Using language-specific input methods and pronunciation rules to improve the guesses of passwords.
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Improved fault tolerant SPRT detection method for node replication attacks in wireless sensor networks.
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Modular counting management system for mall parking services.
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Fuzzy filtering ranking method for multi-criteria decision making.
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Detection of Malfunctioning Photovoltaic Modules Based on Machine Learning Algorithms.
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Soiling Detection for Photovoltaic Modules Based on an Intelligent Method with Image Processing.
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Case study: Application of enhanced Delphi method for software development and evaluation in medical institutes.
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A Decision Support System Based on a Genetic Algorithm for the Utilization of Leftovers.
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An improved strategic information management plan for medical institutes.
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An Approach to Risk Management for E-Commerce.
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House selection via the internet by considering homebuyers' risk attitudes with S-shaped utility functions.
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Policy satisfaction for separation of dispensing from medical practices in Taiwan: Success of the prescription-release information system.
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Review of threats on trust and reputation models.
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Understanding the propagation dynamics of multipartite computer virus.
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House Selection via Internet by Considering Homebuyers' Risk Attitudes.
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Understanding the role of computer-mediated counter-argument in countering confirmation bias.
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A RFID Grouping Proof Protocol for Medication Safety of Inpatient.
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A method to improve integer linear programming problem with branch-and-bound procedure.
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Global Positioning Systems: an analysis of applications, current development and future implementations.
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Finite-precision arithmetic coding via index-splitting and probability-fitting.
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An escrow electronic cash system with limited traceability.
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