David C. Yen

According to our database1, David C. Yen authored at least 212 papers between 1989 and 2019.

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Economic Success of Physicians in the Online Consultation Market: A Signaling Theory Perspective.
Int. J. Electronic Commerce, 2019

Understanding physicians' adoption of electronic medical records: Healthcare technology self-efficacy, service level and risk perspectives.
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Challenges in Creating Hybrid Professionalism Knowledge.
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Financial Technologies and Applications.
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Technology executives in the changing accounting information environment: Impact of IFRS adoption on CIO compensation.
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Assessing the impact of determinants in e-magazines acceptance: An empirical study.
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Toward an IT investment decision support model for global enterprises.
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Understanding the relationships between online entrepreneurs' personal innovativeness, risk taking, and satisfaction: Comparison of pure-play and click-and-mortar.
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The effect of competencies, team problem-solving ability, and computer audit activity on internal audit performance.
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Fraud detection using fraud triangle risk factors.
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Factors affecting the performance of internal control task team in high-tech firms.
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Exploring the Effects of Team Collaborative Norms and Team Identification on the Quality of Individuals' Knowledge Contribution in Teams.

Investigating CSFs for the life cycle of ERP system from the perspective of IT governance.
Computer Standards & Interfaces, 2017

A Real-Time Audit Mechanism Based on the Compression Technique.
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Impact of Online Review Grouping on Consumers' System Usage Behavior: A System Restrictiveness Perspective.
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Effect of Information Service Competence and Contextual Factors on the Effectiveness of Strategic Information Systems Planning in Hospitals.
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Key Success Factors of Vendor-Managed Inventory Implementation in Taiwan's Manufacturing Industry.
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Intangible assets evaluation: The machine learning perspective.
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An improved strategic information management plan for medical institutes.
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The antecedents of purchase and re-purchase intentions of online auction consumers.
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A Network Behavior-Based Botnet Detection Mechanism Using PSO and K-means.
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Measuring the alignment of websites and organisational critical activities.
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A robust copyright and ownership protection mechanism for music.
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Detecting the financial statement fraud: The analysis of the differences between data mining techniques and experts' judgments.
Knowl.-Based Syst., 2015

The Classification of Information Assets and Risk Assessment: An Exploratory Study using the Case of C-Bank.
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Measurements of mislead threshold of company graph distortion.
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How business process reengineering affects information technology investment and employee performance under different performance measurement.
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E-commerce web site loyalty: A cross cultural comparison.
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Influence of Customer Identification on Online Usage and Purchasing Behaviors in Social Commerce.
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Need for Affiliation, Need for Popularity, Self-Esteem, and the Moderating Effect of Big Five Personality Traits Affecting Individuals' Self-Disclosure on Facebook.
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The impact of using kiosk on enterprise systems in service industry.
Enterprise IS, 2015

Effects of virtualization on information security.
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A study of factors that contribute to online review helpfulness.
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Critical Factors of Adopting Enterprise Application Integration Technology: An Empirical Study on Larger Hospitals.
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Challenges deploying complex technologies in a traditional organization.
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Location-based advertising in an emerging market: a study of Mongolian mobile phone users.
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An exploratory study to understand the critical factors affecting the decision to adopt cloud computing in Taiwan hospital.
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G2G information sharing among government agencies.
Information & Management, 2014

How to facilitate inter-organizational knowledge sharing: The impact of trust.
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Internal control framework for a compliant ERP system.
Information & Management, 2014

Online shopping drivers and barriers for older adults: Age and gender differences.
Computers in Human Behavior, 2014

Understanding the perceived community value of Facebook users.
Computers in Human Behavior, 2014

A comparative study of classifier ensembles for bankruptcy prediction.
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Understanding the Mediating Effects of Relationship Quality on Technology Acceptance: An Empirical Study of E-Appointment System.
J. Medical Systems, 2013

Prototype system for pursuing firm's core capability.
Information Systems Frontiers, 2013

Semantic-based transaction model for web service.
Information Systems Frontiers, 2013

Predicting the Helpfulness of Online Reviews - A Replication.
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Success of electronic commerce Web sites: A comparative study in two countries.
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Assessing web services of emerging economies in an Eastern country - Taiwan's e-government.
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An intelligent embedded system for malicious email filtering.
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Business-to-government application integration framework: A case study of the high technology industry in Taiwan.
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A study on the effects of service convenience and service quality on maintenance revisit intentions.
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Investigation on auditing principles and rules for PDM/PLM system implementation.
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Computers in Human Behavior, 2013

To buy or not to buy experience goods online: Perspective of innovation adoption barriers.
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What Drives Physicians' Intention to Use Electronic Medical Record System: The Roles of Perceived Service Level, Computer Self-Efficacy, and Perceived Risk.
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Architectural Support for Business Intelligence: A Push-Pull Mechanism.
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Determinants of intangible assets value: The data mining approach.
Knowl.-Based Syst., 2012

A dynamic game theory approach to solve the free riding problem in the peer-to-peer networks.
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Electronic Hand-Drafting and Picture Management System.
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The Integrated Information Architecture: A Pilot Study Approach to Leveraging Logistics Management with Regard to Influenza Preparedness.
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Design and Implementation of a Telecare Information Platform.
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A Cross-Cultural Analysis of Communication Tools and Communication Outcomes.
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Study of the digital divide evaluation model for government agencies-a Taiwanese local government's perspective.
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Exploring barriers to knowledge flow at different knowledge management maturity stages.
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Electronic medical record quality and its impact on user satisfaction - Healthcare providers' point of view.
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Using data mining technique to enhance tax evasion detection performance.
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Did IT consulting firms gain when their clients were breached?
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Restructuring Taiwan's port state control inspection authority.
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Building the evaluation model of the IT general control for CPAs under enterprise risk management.
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A secure multi-item e-auction mechanism with bid privacy.
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The forecasting ability of Internet-based virtual futures market.
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The research on the critical success factors of knowledge management and classification framework project in the Executive Yuan of Taiwan Government.
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A business process gap detecting mechanism between information system process flow and internal control flow.
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