Chien-Chang Chen

According to our database1, Chien-Chang Chen authored at least 29 papers between 1999 and 2018.

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Using dynamic pixel value mapping method to construct visible and reversible image watermarking scheme.
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Essential secret image sharing scheme with equal-sized shadows generation.
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An efficiency enhanced cluster expanding block algorithm for copy-move forgery detection.
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Difference-expansion based reversible and visible image watermarking scheme.
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Using nanoindentation to investigate the temperature cycling of Sn-37Pb solders.
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A new Boolean-based multiple secret image sharing scheme to share different sized secret images.
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Enhancement of magnetron-driven system with simple preheating and power modulation mechanism.
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Temporal and Sentimental Analysis of A Real Case of Fake Reviews in Taiwan.
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Highly efficient and secure multi-secret image sharing scheme.
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Two-layered structure for optimally essential secret image sharing scheme.
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The Current Development of Open Election Data in Taiwan.
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An Efficiency Enhanced Cluster Expanding Block Algorithm for Copy-Move Forgery Detection.
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Thermotherapy Induction Heating Apparatus With New Magnetic-Wrapped Coil Design.
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Internet as Indispensable Everywhere: The Introduction to the Advances in Internet Technologies and Applications Special Issue.
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An Adaptive Reversible Image Watermarking Scheme Based on Integer Wavelet Coefficients.
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An end-to-end testbed for scalable video streaming to mobile devices over HTTP.
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A multi-technology-process reticle floorplanner and wafer dicing planner for multi-project wafers.
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