Christina Aperjis

According to our database1, Christina Aperjis authored at least 21 papers between 2008 and 2015.

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  • Erdős number3 of four.



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PhD thesis 




Pricing private data.
Electronic Markets, 2015

Variable temptations and black mark reputations.
Games and Economic Behavior, 2014

A market for unbiased private data: Paying individuals according to their privacy attitudes.
First Monday, 2012

A Market for Unbiased Private Data: Paying Individuals According to their Privacy Attitudes
CoRR, 2012

Collective attention and the dynamics of group deals.
Proceedings of the 21st World Wide Web Conference, 2012

Swayed by Friends or by the Crowd?
Proceedings of the Social Informatics, 2012

Bilateral and Multilateral Exchanges for Peer-Assisted Content Distribution.
IEEE/ACM Trans. Netw., 2011

Swayed by Friends or by the Crowd?
CoRR, 2011

Collective Attention and the Dynamics of Group Deals
CoRR, 2011

Rankr: A Mobile System for Crowdsourcing Opinions.
Proceedings of the Mobile Computing, Applications, and Services, 2011

Human Speed-Accuracy Tradeoffs in Search.
Proceedings of the 44th Hawaii International International Conference on Systems Science (HICSS-44 2011), 2011

Designing aggregation mechanisms for reputation systems in online marketplaces.
SIGecom Exchanges, 2010

Optimal Windows for Aggregating Ratings in Electronic Marketplaces.
Management Science, 2010

Social Attention and the Provider's Dilemma
CoRR, 2010

Human Speed-Accuracy Tradeoffs in Search
CoRR, 2010

Harvesting Collective Intelligence: Temporal Behavior in Yahoo Answers
CoRR, 2010

Global budgets for local recommendations.
Proceedings of the 2010 ACM Conference on Recommender Systems, 2010

Comparing multilateral and bilateral exchange models for content distribution.
Proceedings of the 2009 IEEE Information Theory Workshop, 2009

A Comparison of Bilateral and Multilateral Exchanges for Peer-Assisted Content Distribution.
Proceedings of the Network Control and Optimization, Second Euro-NF Workshop, 2008

Prices are right: managing resources and incentives in peer-assisted content distribution.
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Peer-assisted content distribution with prices.
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