Clemens Thielen

According to our database1, Clemens Thielen authored at least 45 papers between 2008 and 2021.

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An Analysis of the Stability of Hinterland Container Transport Cooperation.
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Approximating the product knapsack problem.
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One-exact approximate Pareto sets.
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Enforcing fuel-optimal traffic patterns.
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Approximating Biobjective Minimization Problems Using General Ordering Cones.
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Who witnesses The Witness? Finding witnesses in The Witness is hard and sometimes impossible.
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Special issue on: Computational discrete optimization.
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Full implementation of social choice functions in dominant strategies.
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The Power of the Weighted Sum Scalarization for Approximating Multiobjective Optimization Problems.
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The Product Knapsack Problem: Approximation and Complexity.
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The Complexity of Escaping Labyrinths and Enchanted Forests.
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Improving Resource Efficiency in Internet Cafés by Virtualization and Optimal User Allocation.
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Erratum to "Minimum cost flows with minimum quantities" [Information Processing Letters 111 (11) (2011) 533-537].
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Complexity of Strong Implementability
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A General Scheme for Designing Monotone Algorithms for Scheduling Problems with Precedence Constraints.
Proceedings of the Approximation and Online Algorithms, 6th International Workshop, 2008