Daniel Molka

According to our database1, Daniel Molka authored at least 25 papers between 2009 and 2017.

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Performance Analysis of Complex Shared Memory Systems.
PhD thesis, 2017

Detecting Memory-Boundedness with Hardware Performance Counters.
Proceedings of the 8th ACM/SPEC on International Conference on Performance Engineering, 2017

Editorial for the special issue on Energy-aware high performance computing.
Computer Science - R&D, 2016

Software Controlled Clock Modulation for Energy Efficiency Optimization on Intel Processors.
Proceedings of the 4th International Workshop on Energy Efficient Supercomputing, 2016

Wake-up latencies for processor idle states on current x86 processors.
Computer Science - R&D, 2015

Editorial for the fifth international conference on energy-aware high performance computing.
Computer Science - R&D, 2015

An Energy Efficiency Feature Survey of the Intel Haswell Processor.
Proceedings of the 2015 IEEE International Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium Workshop, 2015

Cache Coherence Protocol and Memory Performance of the Intel Haswell-EP Architecture.
Proceedings of the 44th International Conference on Parallel Processing, 2015

Integrating performance analysis and energy efficiency optimizations in a unified environment.
Computer Science - R&D, 2014

ERIS: A NUMA-Aware In-Memory Storage Engine for Analytical Workload.
Proceedings of the International Workshop on Accelerating Data Management Systems Using Modern Processor and Storage Architectures, 2014

ERIS live: a NUMA-aware in-memory storage engine for tera-scale multiprocessor systems.
Proceedings of the International Conference on Management of Data, 2014

Main memory and cache performance of intel sandy bridge and AMD bulldozer.
Proceedings of the workshop on Memory Systems Performance and Correctness, 2014

Potentials and Limitations for Energy Efficiency Auto-Tuning.
Proceedings of the Parallel Computing: Accelerating Computational Science and Engineering (CSE), 2013

Power measurement techniques on standard compute nodes: A quantitative comparison.
Proceedings of the 2012 IEEE International Symposium on Performance Analysis of Systems & Software, 2013

Introducing FIRESTARTER: A processor stress test utility.
Proceedings of the International Green Computing Conference, 2013

Tool Environments to Measure Power Consumption and Computational Performance.
Proceedings of the Handbook of Energy-Aware and Green Computing - Two Volume Set., 2012

Flexible workload generation for HPC cluster efficiency benchmarking.
Computer Science - R&D, 2012

Memory Performance at Reduced CPU Clock Speeds: An Analysis of Current x86_64 Processors.
Proceedings of the 2012 Workshop on Power-Aware Computing Systems, HotPower'12, 2012

SPEC OMP2012 - An Application Benchmark Suite for Parallel Systems Using OpenMP.
Proceedings of the OpenMP in a Heterogeneous World - 8th International Workshop on OpenMP, 2012

Electronic poster: eeclust: energy-efficient cluster computing.
Proceedings of the Conference on High Performance Computing Networking, Storage and Analysis, 2011

Memory Performance and SPEC OpenMP Scalability on Quad-Socket x86_64 Systems.
Proceedings of the Algorithms and Architectures for Parallel Processing, 2011

Quantifying power consumption variations of HPC systems using SPEC MPI benchmarks.
Computer Science - R&D, 2010

Characterizing the energy consumption of data transfers and arithmetic operations on x86-64 processors.
Proceedings of the International Green Computing Conference 2010, 2010

Comparing cache architectures and coherency protocols on x86-64 multicore SMP systems.
Proceedings of the 42st Annual IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Microarchitecture (MICRO-42 2009), 2009

Memory Performance and Cache Coherency Effects on an Intel Nehalem Multiprocessor System.
Proceedings of the PACT 2009, 2009