Didier Sornette

According to our database1, Didier Sornette authored at least 48 papers between 2006 and 2019.

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A Nonuniformly Integrable Martingale Bubble with a Crash.
SIAM J. Financial Math., 2019

Heavy-Tailed Data Breaches in the Nat-Cat Framework & the Challenge of Insuring Cyber Risks.
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Cascading logistic regression onto gradient boosted decision trees for forecasting and trading stock indices.
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The Fair Reward Problem: the illusion of Success and How to solve IT.
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Quantitative Predictions in Quantum Decision Theory.
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A Generalized 2D-Dynamical Mean-Field Ising Model with a Rich Set of Bifurcations (Inspired and Applied to Financial Crises).
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Predicting Adverse Media Risk using a Heterogeneous Information Network.
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Dynamic Transition in Symbiotic Evolution Induced by Growth Rate Variation.
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Quantum Probabilities as Behavioral Probabilities.
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Power-Law Distributions from Sigma-Pi Structure of Sums of Random Multiplicative Processes.
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Information Processing by Networks of Quantum Decision Makers.
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Classification of dragon-king phases in preferential attachment and failure models.
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Learning like humans with Deep Symbolic Networks.
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The gradual evolution of buyer-seller networks and their role in aggregate fluctuations.
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Macroeconomic Dynamics of Assets, Leverage and Trust.
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The Hawkes process with renewal immigration & its estimation with an EM algorithm.
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Quantum probability and quantum decision making.
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Aristotle vs. Ringelmann: A response to Scholtes et al. on Superlinear Production in Open Source Software.
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Two-state Markov-chain Poisson nature of individual cellphone call statistics.
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Manipulating Decision Making of Typical Agents.
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Conditions for Quantum Interference in Cognitive Sciences.
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New Approach to Modeling Symbiosis in Biological and Social Systems.
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Population Dynamics with Nonlinear Delayed Carrying Capacity.
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Dynamics and spatial distribution of global nighttime lights.
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How Much is the Whole Really More than the Sum of its Parts? 1+1 = 2.5: Superlinear Productivity in Collective Group Actions.
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Using Prediction Markets to Incentivize and Measure Collective Knowledge Production.
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Fractal multi-level organisation of human groups in a virtual world.
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High quality topic extraction from business news explains abnormal financial market volatility
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Predicted and verified evolution of power-law exponent in product market
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Decision Theory with Prospect Interference and Entanglement.
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Accurate network anomaly classification with generalized entropy metrics.
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Reverse Engineering Financial Markets with Majority and Minority Games using Genetic Algorithms
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Scheme of thinking quantum systems
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Effects of Diversity and Procrastination in Priority Queuing Theory: the Different Power Law Regimes
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Quantum decision theory as quantum theory of measurement
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Economic Networks: What do We Know and What do We Need to Know?
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Mathematical basis of quantum decision theory
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Physics of risk and uncertainty in quantum decision making.
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Viral, Quality, and Junk Videos on YouTube: Separating Content from Noise in an Information-Rich Environment.
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Long-range static directional stress transfer in a cracked, nonlinear elastic crust.
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