Domenico Conforti

According to our database1, Domenico Conforti authored at least 29 papers between 1988 and 2018.

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  • Erdős number3 of four.



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An efficient matheuristic for offline patient-to-bed assignment problems.
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A hybrid genetic approach for solving an integrated multi-objective operating room planning and scheduling problem.
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Balancing efficiency and equity in location-allocation models with an application to strategic EMS design.
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HeartDrive: A Broader Concept of Interoperability to Implement Care Processes for Heart Failure.
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Machine Learning Approaches for Supporting Patient-Specific Cardiac Rehabilitation Programs.
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The stochastic trim-loss problem.
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A novel similarity-measure for the analysis of genetic data in complex phenotypes.
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HEARTFAID's eCRF: Lessons Learnt from Using a Two-Level Data Acquisition and Storage System for Knowledge Discovery Tasks within an Electronic Platform for Managing Heart Failure Patients.
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A Solution Approach for Two-Stage Stochastic Nonlinear Mixed Integer Programs.
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Knowledge Discovery Approaches for Early Detection of Decompensation Conditions in Heart Failure Patients.
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A Decision Support Resource as a Kernel of a Semantic Web Based Platform Oriented to Heart Failure.
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Decision Support and Image & Signal Analysis in Heart Failure - A Comprehensive Use Case.
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An Approach to Decision Support in Heart Failure.
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Constrained auction clearing in the Italian electricity market.
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