Eric G. Manning

According to our database1, Eric G. Manning authored at least 51 papers between 1975 and 2006.

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A scalable multimedia streaming scheme with CBR-transmission of VBR-encoded videos over the internet.
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Solving the Multidimensional Multiple-choice Knapsack Problem by constructing convex hulls.
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On the Progress of Communications between Two Finite State Machines
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Distributed Simulation Using a Network of Processors.
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A distributed approach to queueing network simulation.
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On Datagram Service in Public Packet-Switched Networks.
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What MININET Has Taught us about Programming Style.
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A Homogeneous Network for Data-Sharing Communications.
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A UNIX-Based Local Processor and Network Access Machine.
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On the Modelling, Analysis and Design of Protocols - A Special Class of Software Structures.
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Protocol Machines: A Concise Formal Model and its Automatic Implementation.
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Segment transfer protocols for a homogeneous computer network.
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A Computer Architecture for Large (Distributed) Data Bases.
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