Erica L. Plambeck

According to our database1, Erica L. Plambeck authored at least 32 papers between 1996 and 2020.

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Alleviating Poverty by Empowering Women Through Business Model Innovation: <i>Manufacturing & Service Operations Management</i> Insights and Opportunities.
Manuf. Serv. Oper. Manag., 2020

Reveal the Supplier List? A Trade-off in Capacity vs. Responsibility.
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Managing Supplier Social and Environmental Impacts with Voluntary Versus Mandatory Disclosure to Investors.
Manag. Sci., 2020

Testing by Competitors in Enforcement of Product Standards.
Manag. Sci., 2019

<i>Management Science</i> - Special Issue on Business and Climate Change.
Manag. Sci., 2019

Allocating Emissions Among Co-Products: Implications for Procurement and Climate Policy.
Manuf. Serv. Oper. Manag., 2016

Supplier Evasion of a Buyer's Audit: Implications for Motivating Supplier Social and Environmental Responsibility.
Manuf. Serv. Oper. Manag., 2016

Accurate Emergency Department Wait Time Prediction.
Manuf. Serv. Oper. Manag., 2016

On the Value of Input Efficiency, Capacity Efficiency, and the Flexibility to Rebalance Them.
Manuf. Serv. Oper. Manag., 2013

Introduction to the Special Issue on the Environment.
Manuf. Serv. Oper. Manag., 2013

OM Forum - Operations Management Challenges for Some "Cleantech" Firms.
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Delegation vs. Control of Component Procurement Under Asymmetric Cost Information and Simple Contracts.
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Implications of Hyperbolic Discounting for Optimal Pricing and Scheduling of Unpleasant Services That Generate Future Benefits.
Manag. Sci., 2013

Sensitivity of Optimal Capacity to Customer Impatience in an Unobservable M/M/S Queue (Why You Shouldn't Shout at the DMV).
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Effects of E-Waste Regulation on New Product Introduction.
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Optimal control of a high-volume assemble-to-order system with maximum leadtime quotation and expediting.
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Dynamic Inventory Management with Learning About the Demand Distribution and Substitution Probability.
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Asymptotically Optimal Control for an Assemble-to-Order System with Capacitated Component Production and Fixed Transport Costs.
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Simple Relational Contracts to Motivate Capacity Investment: Price Only vs. Price and Quantity.
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Supply Chain Relationships and Contracts: The Impact of Repeated Interaction on Capacity Investment and Procurement.
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Implications of Renegotiation for Optimal Contract Flexibility and Investment.
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Implications of Breach Remedy and Renegotiation Design for Innovation and Capacity.
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Note: A Separation Principle for a Class of Assemble-to-Order Systems with Expediting.
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Optimal Control of a High-Volume Assemble-to-Order System.
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Partnership in a Dynamic Production System with Unobservable Actions and Noncontractible Output.
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Sell the Plant? The Impact of Contract Manufacturing on Innovation, Capacity, and Profitability.
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The Impact of Duplicate Orders on Demand Estimation and Capacity Investment.
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Optimal Leadtime Differentiation via Diffusion Approximations.
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Incentive Efficient Control of a Make-to-Stock Production System.
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A Multiclass Queue in Heavy Traffic with Throughput Time Constraints: Asymptotically Optimal Dynamic Controls.
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Performance-Based Incentives in a Dynamic Principal-Agent Model.
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Sample-path optimization of convex stochastic performance functions.
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