Eugene E. Tyrtyshnikov

According to our database1, Eugene E. Tyrtyshnikov authored at least 47 papers between 1990 and 2020.

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A residual concept for Krylov subspace evaluation of the 𝓁 matrix function.
CoRR, 2020

Model reduction in Smoluchowski-type equations.
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Newton method for stationary and quasi-stationary problems for Smoluchowski-type equations.
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Supercomputer Modelling of Spatially-heterogeneous Coagulation using MPI and CUDA.
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Application of the Global Optimization Methods for Solving the Parameter Estimation Problem in Mathematical Immunology.
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Nonnegative Tensor Train Factorizations and Some Applications.
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Anderson acceleration method of finding steady-state particle size distribution for a wide class of aggregation-fragmentation models.
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Tensor Train Global Optimization: Application to Docking in the Configuration Space with a Large Number of Dimensions.
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Fast and Accurate Finite-difference Method Solving Multicomponent Smoluchowski Coagulation Equation with Source and Sink Terms.
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A fast numerical method for the Cauchy problem for the Smoluchowski equation.
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Low-rank approximation in the numerical modeling of the Farley-Buneman instability in ionospheric plasma.
J. Comput. Phys., 2014

Superfast solution of linear convolutional Volterra equations using QTT approximation.
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Iterative across-time solution of linear differential equations: Krylov subspace versus waveform relaxation.
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Structured matrices and tensors.
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Use of tensor formats in elliptic eigenvalue problems.
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Algebraic Wavelet Transform via Quantics Tensor Train Decomposition.
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Tensor-Train Ranks for Matrices and Their Inverses.
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Preface to the special issue, CMAM 2011, no. 3.
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A Fast Algorithm for Updating and Downsizing the Dominant Kernel Principal Components.
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Decay in Functions of Multiband Matrices.
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Cross approximation in tensor electron density computations.
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Breaking the Curse of Dimensionality, Or How to Use SVD in Many Dimensions.
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Fast Simultaneous Orthogonal Reduction to Triangular Matrices.
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Optimal in-place transposition of rectangular matrices.
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Linear algebra for tensor problems.
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Tucker Dimensionality Reduction of Three-Dimensional Arrays in Linear Time.
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Approximate iterations for structured matrices.
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Some Remarks on the Elman Estimate for GMRES.
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