Paul Van Dooren

According to our database1, Paul Van Dooren authored at least 113 papers between 1982 and 2020.

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IEEE Fellow 2006, "For contributions to numerical methods in systems and control.".



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Optimal Robustness of Port-Hamiltonian Systems.
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Identification of port-Hamiltonian systems from frequency response data.
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Community Detection by a Riemannian Projected Proximal Gradient Method.
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Structured backward errors for eigenvalues of linear port-Hamiltonian descriptor systems.
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Introduction to the special issue.
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Low-rank Similarity Measure for Role Model Extraction.
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Fast community detection using local neighbourhood search.
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Nearest stable system using successive convex approximations.
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Exploring the Mobility of Mobile Phone Users
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Dynamical Models Explaining Social Balance and Evolution of Cooperation
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Extracting spatial information from networks with low-order eigenvectors
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Narrow scope for resolution-free community detection
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Indirect reciprocity through gossiping can lead to cooperative clusters.
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A Fast Algorithm for Updating and Downsizing the Dominant Kernel Principal Components.
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Iterative Filtering in Reputation Systems.
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<i>H</i><sub>2</sub>-Optimal Model Reduction with Higher-Order Poles.
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Implicit double shift <i>QR</i>-algorithm for companion matrices.
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Two-sided Grassmann-Rayleigh quotient iteration.
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Using semiseparable matrices to compute the SVD of a general matrix product/quotient.
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Exponential Ranking: Taking into Account Negative Links.
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An efficient particle filtering technique on the Grassmann manifold.
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