Fatma Siala

According to our database1, Fatma Siala authored at least 14 papers between 2008 and 2018.

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A Monitoring based Multi-Agent Filtering Approach for Web Service Selection.
Proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Web Information Systems and Technologies, 2018

A Multi-Agent Recommender System Using Social Networks.
Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Digital Tools & Uses Congress, 2018

Stability and Stabilization of Polynomial Fuzzy Systems with Time Delay: New Approach.
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Stability analysis and stabilization of polynomial fuzzy systems with time-delay via a Sum Of Squares (SOS) approach.
Proceedings of the American Control Conference, 2015

How to select dynamically a QoS-driven composite web service by a multi-agent system using CBR method.
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A Multi-Agent Based Approach for Composite Web Services Simulation.
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Observer based dissipative reliable control for Takagi-Sugeno fuzzy systems with time delay.
Proceedings of the 21st Mediterranean Conference on Control and Automation, 2013

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An Approach for the Specification and the Verification of Multi-agent Systems Interaction Protocols using AUML and Event B.
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Specification and Verification of Multi-agent Systems Interaction Protocols Using a Combination of AUML and Event B.
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