Francis Rousseaux

According to our database1, Francis Rousseaux authored at least 55 papers between 1990 and 2019.

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Intelligent Transport System Based on Bluetooth.
Proceedings of the Communication Technologies for Vehicles - 14th International Workshop, 2019

Efficient Event Dissemination Using Bluetooth Protocol.
Proceedings of the Innovations for Community Services - 19th International Conference, 2019

BIG DATA and Data-Driven Intelligent Predictive Algorithms to support creativity in Industrial Engineering.
Comput. Ind. Eng., 2017

Music Information Retrieval Community in the Legal Debate over Data Privacy.
Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Management of Digital EcoSystems, 2017

Challenging Recommendation Engines Evaluation Metrics and Mitigating Bias Problem of Information Cascades and Confirmation Biases.
Proceedings of the 9th International Joint Conference on Computational Intelligence, 2017

Discovering cultural conceptual structures from texts for ontology generation.
Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Control, 2017

In Light of the Legal Debate over Personal Data Privacy at a Time of Globalized Big Data: Making Big Data Researchers Cooperating with Lawmakers to Find Solutions for the Future.
Proceedings of the 2016 Intl IEEE Conferences on Ubiquitous Intelligence & Computing, 2016

An experimentation of VANETs for traffic management.
Proceedings of the 2016 IEEE International Conference on Communications, 2016

Knowledge Acquisition at the Time of Big Data.
Proceedings of the 2016 Federated Conference on Computer Science and Information Systems, 2016

Melody and Rhythm Through Network Visualization Techniques.
Proceedings of the Bridging People and Sound - 12th International Symposium, 2016

Recommender Engines Under the Influence of Popularity.
Proceedings of the E-Technologies - 6th International Conference, 2015

Building Time-Affordable Cultural Ontologies Using an Emic Approach.
Proceedings of the Artificial Intelligence for Knowledge Management, 2015

Knowledge Engineering or Digital Humanities? - Territorial Intelligence, a Case in Point.
Proceedings of the Innovations in Intelligent Machines-4, 2014

On The Changing Regulations of Privacy and Personal Information in MIR.
Proceedings of the 15th International Society for Music Information Retrieval Conference, 2014

Towards Better Coordination of Rescue Teams in Crisis Situations: A Promising ACO Algorithm.
Proceedings of the Information Systems for Crisis Response and Management in Mediterranean Countries, 2014

Time-weighted Social Network: Predict when an item will meet a collector.
Proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Innovations for Community Services, 2014

Planning and Optimization of Resources Deployment: Application to Crisis Management.
Proceedings of the 2014 IEEE International Conference on High Performance Computing and Communications, 2014

Music Information Retrieval as a Key Framework to Explore Legal Issues Linked to Personal Data Computation.
Proceedings of the Position Papers of the 2014 Federated Conference on Computer Science and Information Systems, 2014

How Should Digital Humanities Pioneers Manage Their Data Privacy Challenges?
Proceedings of the Artificial Intelligence for Knowledge Management, 2014

Pattern discovery in e-learning courses: a timebased approach.
Proceedings of the International Conference on Control, 2014

Considering music production and culture management as an emerging digital ecosystem.
Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Management of Emergent Digital EcoSystems, 2013

A New Methodology for Collecting and Exploiting Vast Amounts of Dynamic Data.
Proceedings of the 2012 Third International Conference on Emerging Intelligent Data and Web Technologies, 2012

How to Understand Digital Studio Outputs: The Case of Digital Music Production.
Proceedings of the Artificial Intelligence for Knowledge Management, 2012

Interactions médiatisées sur scène.
Technique et Science Informatiques, 2010

Considering Stage Direction as Building Informed Virtual Environments.
JVRB, 2009

Exploring informed virtual sites through Michel Foucault's heterotopias.
IJHAC, 2009

Interagir avec un contenu opératique : le projet d'opéra virtuel interactif Virtualis
CoRR, 2009

Music-ripping: des pratiques qui provoquent la musicologie
CoRR, 2009

How Do Interactive Virtual Operas Shift Relationships between Music, Text and Image?
CoRR, 2009

Similarité en intension vs en extension : à la croisée de l'informatique et du théâtre
CoRR, 2009

Hypercalculia for the mind emulation.
AI Soc., 2009

Rapid Software Prototyping Using Ajax and Google Map API.
Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Advances in Computer-Human Interaction, 2009

Digital Music Collections: a Place of Knowledge Emergence?
Proceedings of the 2008 International Computer Music Conference, 2008

Towards a Collection-Based Knowledge Representation: Application to Geo-political Risks and Crisis Management.
Proceedings of the Second International Conference on the Digital Society (ICDS 2008), 2008

ReCollection: a Disposal/Formal Requirement-Based Tool to Support Sustainable Collection Making.
Proceedings of the Supplementary Proceedings of the 16th International Conference on Conceptual Structures, 2008

Taking Lessons from Cognitive Psychologists to Design our Content Browsing Tools?
Proceedings of the First International Conference on Research Challenges in Information Science, 2007

Comment, sans nuire aux informaticiens, dépasser l'artifice des Connaissances ? Documents numériques, Connaissances et Collections.
Document Numérique, 2006

Similarité en intension versus similarité en extension. A la croisée de l'informatique et du thzâtre.
Revue d'Intelligence Artificielle, 2005

Collecting or Classifying?
Proceedings of the Professional Knowledge Management, Third Biennial Conference, 2005

Collecting or Classifying?
Proceedings of the WM 2005: Professional Knowledge Management - Experiences and Visions, Contributions to the 3rd Conference Professional Knowledge Management, 2005

Reconcile art and culture on the web.
Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Electronic Commerce, 2004

Knowledge acquisition or manifestation of the thought?
Proceedings of the WM 2003: Professionelles Wissensmanagement, 2003

New tools and practices for electronic music distribution.
Proceedings of the 1st Intenational Symposium on Information and Communication Technologies, 2003

Connaissances musicales et affinités électives - Acquérir les premières pour actualiser les secondes.
Proceedings of the Extraction et gestion des connaissances (EGC'2002), 2002

Knowledge Discovery as Applied to Music: Will Music Web Retrieval Revolutionize Musicology?
Proceedings of the Discovery Science, 5th International Conference, 2002

Towards Interactive Operas: the Virtualis Project.
Proceedings of the International Cultural Heritage Informatics Meeting: Proceedings from ICHIM 2001. Politechnico di Milano, Milan, Italy, September 3-7, 2001, 2001

Creating "Hypermusic Spaces".
Proceedings of the Computer-Assisted Information Retrieval (Recherche d'Information et ses Applications), 2000

Towards Digital "Musical Actions".
Proceedings of the 1999 International Computer Music Conference, 1999

Composing interactive virtual operas.
Proceedings of the 3rd Conference on Creativity & Cognition, 1999

Modelling Co-Operation in the Design of Knowledge Production Systems: The MadeIn-Coop Method An example in the field of C3I systems.
Computer Supported Cooperative Work, 1996

Contribution à une méthodologie d'acquisition des connaissances pour l'ingénierie des Systèmes d'Information et de Communication : l'exemple de CHEOPS pour l'aide à la gestion de crises collectives à caractère géopolitique - l'hypothèse d'un niveau des valeurs par delà le niveau des connaissances.
, 1995

C/O: A Tool Reusing OO Design for Temporal Constraints Satisfaction Problems.
Proceedings of the TOOLS 1992: 7th International Conference on Technology of Object-Oriented Languages and Systems, 1992

Solving Temporal Constraints Satisfaction Problems with an Object-Oriented Model.
Proceedings of the Industrial and Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems, 1992

Une contribution de l'intelligence artificielle et de l'apprentissage symbolique automatique à l'élaboration d'un modèle d'enseignement de l'écoute musicale.
PhD thesis, 1990

One Example of How Artificial Intelligence Can Be Useful in Music Fields.
Proceedings of the 1990 International Computer Music Conference, 1990