Frank Z. Xing

  • National University of Singapore, Singapore

According to our database1, Frank Z. Xing authored at least 26 papers between 2015 and 2023.

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Guest Editorial Neurosymbolic AI for Sentiment Analysis.
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Guest Editorial: Sentiment Analysis as a Multidisciplinary Research Area.
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Soft computing for recommender systems and sentiment analysis.
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Does Social Media Sentiment Predict Bitcoin Trading Volume?
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Fusing Task-Oriented and Open-Domain Dialogues in Conversational Agents.
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High-Frequency News Sentiment and Its Application to Forex Market Prediction.
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A survey on empathetic dialogue systems.
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Financial Sentiment Analysis: An Investigation into Common Mistakes and Silver Bullets.
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SenticNet 6: Ensemble Application of Symbolic and Subsymbolic AI for Sentiment Analysis.
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Growing semantic vines for robust asset allocation.
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Business Taxonomy Construction Using Concept-Level Hierarchical Clustering.
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Fast Single Image Dehazing via Multilevel Wavelet Transform based Optimization.
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Textual knowledge integration for financial asset management
PhD thesis, 2018

Public Mood-Driven Asset Allocation: the Importance of Financial Sentiment in Portfolio Management.
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A Historical Review of Forty Years of Research on CMAC.
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Predicting evolving chaotic time series with fuzzy neural networks.
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Classifying World Englishes from a Lexical Perspective: A Corpus-Based Approach.
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Weakly supervised semantic segmentation with superpixel embedding.
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A Logistic Regression Model of Irony Detection in Chinese Internet Texts.
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