Gareth J. Barker

According to our database1, Gareth J. Barker authored at least 39 papers between 1998 and 2020.

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The empirical replicability of task-based fMRI as a function of sample size.
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Convolutional neural-network-based ordinal regression for brain age prediction from MRI scans.
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Functional connectivity changes associated with fMRI neurofeedback of right inferior frontal cortex in adolescents with ADHD.
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Robust regression for large-scale neuroimaging studies.
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Nonlinear functional mapping of the human brain.
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Randomized parcellation based inference.
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Manual dexterity correlating with right lobule VI volume in right-handed 14-year-olds.
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Segmentation of the thalamus in MRI based on T1 and T2.
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Boys do it the right way: Sex-dependent amygdala lateralization during face processing in adolescents.
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Brain pathology in first-episode psychosis: Magnetization transfer imaging provides additional information to MRI measurements of volume loss.
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Diffusion tensor imaging of post mortem multiple sclerosis brain.
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Abnormal brain connectivity in first-episode psychosis: A diffusion MRI tractography study of the corpus callosum.
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Corrigendum to "Abnormal brain connectivity in first-episode psychosis: A diffusion MRI tractography study of the corpus callosum" [NeuroImage 35 (2007) 458-466].
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Abnormalities of language networks in temporal lobe epilepsy.
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Three-dimensional quantitative magnetisation transfer imaging of the human brain.
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Optimal imaging parameters for fiber-orientation estimation in diffusion MRI.
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Noninvasive in vivo demonstration of the connections of the human parahippocampal gyrus.
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Combined functional MRI and tractography to demonstrate the connectivity of the human primary motor cortex in vivo.
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