Giri Kumar Tayi

According to our database1, Giri Kumar Tayi authored at least 45 papers between 1985 and 2019.

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Try-Before-You-Buy: Online retailing strategy with customer self-mending.
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A multi-objective model for discovering high-quality knowledge based on data quality and prior knowledge.
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Consumer Pseudo-Showrooming and Omni-Channel Placement Strategies.
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Open innovation in the public sector: A research agenda.
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Software Process Diversity: Conceptualization, Measurement, and Analysis of Impact on Project Performance.
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Information systems to support sustainable consumption and sustainable supply.
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Challenges and requirements for developing data architecture supporting integration of sustainable supply chains.
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Research Note - Investigating Firm Strategies on Offering Consumer-Customizable Products.
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Generation-Y shopping: the impact of network externalities and trust on adoption of social commerce.
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Allocation of resources to cyber-security: The effect of misalignment of interest between managers and investors.
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An ontological and hierarchical approach for supply chain event aggregation.
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IT-Enabled Healthcare Integration: The Case of National Electronic Health Records in Singapore.
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Going Beyond Open Data: Challenges and Motivations for Smart Disclosure in Ethical Consumption.
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Full Information Product Pricing: An Information Strategy for Harnessing Consumer Choice to Create a More Sustainable World.
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A preliminary ontology for tracking certification systems: a case study of fairtrade coffee certification.
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Designing free software samples: a game theoretic approach.
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A synthesizing framework for technology and content choices for information exchange.
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Turning to Digital Government in a Crisis: Coordinating Government, Business & Nonprofit Services in Response to the World Trade Center Attacks of September 11, 2001.
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A Comparative Study of Data Mining Algorithms for Network Intrusion Detection in the Presence of Poor Quality Data.
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Finding our Future: A Research Agenda for the Research Enterprise.
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