Richard Y. K. Fung

According to our database1, Richard Y. K. Fung authored at least 53 papers between 1998 and 2019.

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The order and transshipment decisions in a two-location inventory system with demand forecast updates.
Computers & Industrial Engineering, 2019

Comparison of information security decisions under different security and business environments.
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On equilibrium performance assurance with costly monitoring.
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Approximate dynamic programming approaches for appointment scheduling with patient preferences.
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Decision support system for purchasing management of seasonal products: A capital-constrained retailer perspective.
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Decisions making in information security outsourcing: Impact of complementary and substitutable firms.
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Preventive transshipment decisions in a multi-location inventory system with dynamic approach.
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Optimal K-unit cycle scheduling of two-cluster tools with residency constraints and general robot moving times.
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A group multi-granularity linguistic-based methodology for prioritizing engineering characteristics under uncertainties.
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Simulation-Based Optimization for Surgery Scheduling in Operation Theatre Management Using Response Surface Method.
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Dynamic scheduling of photolithography process based on Kohonen neural network.
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Dynamic appointment scheduling with patient preferences and choices.
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Adaptive dynamic programming algorithms for sequential appointment scheduling with patient preferences.
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A multi-agent system to support heuristic-based dynamic manufacturing rescheduling.
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Identifying helpful online reviews: A product designer's perspective.
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Design and analysis of optimal incentive contracts between fourth-party and third-party logistics providers.
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Available-to-promise model for a multi-site supply chain.
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Incremental Model-based Test Suite Reduction with Formal Concept Analysis.
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Integrated process planning and scheduling by an agent-based ant colony optimization.
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Synchronization of inventory and transportation under flexible vehicle constraint: A heuristics approach using sliding windows and hierarchical tree structure.
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An immune-genetic algorithm for introduction planning of new products.
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Performance modeling, real-time dispatching and simulation of wafer fabrication systems using timed extended object-oriented Petri nets.
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Fuzzy rule sets for enhancing performance in a supply chain network.
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Product Development Cost Estimation in Mass Customization.
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ANew LCAApproach Using a Fuzzy Decision-making Methodology.
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A Case Study on Green Product Design and Supplier Chain Management of Taiwan 3C Electronic Industry.
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Estimating the functional relationships for quality function deployment under uncertainties.
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Dynamic shopfloor scheduling in multi-agent manufacturing systems.
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Rating technical attributes in fuzzy QFD by integrating fuzzy weighted average method and fuzzy expected value operator.
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An XML-based real-time quality measurement scheme.
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A Framework of Product Styling Platform Approach: Styling as Intangible Modules.
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An extended object-oriented Petri nets for modeling and analysis automated re-entrant manufacturing systems.
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A generic management information system for small and medium enterprises.
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Software process improvement strategy for enterprise information systems development.
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