Hangbae Chang

According to our database1, Hangbae Chang authored at least 65 papers between 2005 and 2019.

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A study on medical information leakage protection to construct a trustworthy medical service oriented architecture in IoT environment: case study of medical tour service in South Korea.
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Performance evaluation framework design for smart sensor business.
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Video Retrieval System for Meniscal Surgery to Improve Health Care Services.
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An analysis of security systems for electronic information for establishing secure internet of things environments: Focusing on research trends in the security field in South Korea.
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Multi-scale contrast and relative motion-based key frame extraction.
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Improving collaboration between large and small-medium enterprises in automobile production.
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Mathematical model-based security management framework for future ICT outsourcing project.
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A Study on Designing Public Safety Service for Internet of Things Environment.
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Accurate and efficient shape matching approach using vocabularies of multi-feature space representations.
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Intelligent secure patching service for enhancing infrastructure control system performance.
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Security experts' capability design for future internet of things platform.
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Trust model at service layer of cloud computing for educational institutes.
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Concept indexing and expansion for social multimedia websites based on semantic processing and graph analysis.
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An exploratory research on advanced smart media security design for sustainable intelligence information system.
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A gap analysis study between multimedia security research and education by meta data analysis.
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Information security research classification for future multimedia environment.
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Smart cyber society: Integration of capillary devices with high usability based on Cyber-Physical System.
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An efficient peer-to-peer and distributed scheduling for cloud and grid computing.
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A study on performance evaluation of intelligent collaboration system.
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Social relation-based dynamic team organization by context-aware matchmaking.
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Financial IT and Security.
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Is ISMS for financial organizations effective on their business?
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The IT convergence framework design in the internet of things environment.
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