Irfan Mehmood

According to our database1, Irfan Mehmood authored at least 80 papers between 2010 and 2022.

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Analyzing the Stock Exchange Markets of EU Nations: A Case Study of Brexit Social Media Sentiment.
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A Study of Deep Learning-Based Face Recognition Models for Sibling Identification.
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A deep feature-based real-time system for Alzheimer disease stage detection.
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Quantum-Inspired Blockchain-Based Cybersecurity: Securing Smart Edge Utilities in IoT-Based Smart Cities.
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UAV based wilt detection system via convolutional neural networks.
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Geo-Social Top-k and Skyline Keyword Queries on Road Networks.
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Mobility Enabled Security for Optimizing IoT based Intelligent Applications.
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Egocentric visual scene description based on human-object interaction and deep spatial relations among objects.
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A local and global event sentiment based efficient stock exchange forecasting using deep learning.
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Towards smarter cities: Learning from Internet of Multimedia Things-generated big data.
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Toward Generating Human-Centered Video Annotations.
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Cerebral micro-bleeding identification based on a nine-layer convolutional neural network with stochastic pooling.
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A Spectrogram-Based Deep Feature Assisted Computer-Aided Diagnostic System for Parkinson's Disease.
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A New Chaotic Map With Dynamic Analysis and Encryption Application in Internet of Health Things.
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Region-of-Interest Based Transfer Learning Assisted Framework for Skin Cancer Detection.
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Cast Shadow Generation Using Generative Adversarial Networks.
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Detection of Speech Impairments in Parkinson Disease Using Handcrafted Feature-Based Model on Spanish Speech Corpus.
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Transfer Learning Assisted Classification and Detection of Alzheimer's Disease Stages Using 3D MRI Scans.
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An IoT based efficient hybrid recommender system for cardiovascular disease.
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Lexical paraphrasing and pseudo relevance feedback for biomedical document retrieval.
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Social media signal detection using tweets volume, hashtag, and sentiment analysis.
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An efficient computerized decision support system for the analysis and 3D visualization of brain tumor.
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Efficient Image Recognition and Retrieval on IoT-Assisted Energy-Constrained Platforms From Big Data Repositories.
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Mobile cloud-assisted paradigms for management of multimedia big data in healthcare systems: Research challenges and opportunities.
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Expert ranking techniques for online rated forums.
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IEEE Access Special Section Editorial: Multimedia Analysis for Internet-of-Things.
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Kernel Context Recommender System (KCR): A Scalable Context-Aware Recommender System Algorithm.
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A Data Augmentation-Based Framework to Handle Class Imbalance Problem for Alzheimer's Stage Detection.
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Real-Time Video Dehazing for Industrial Image Processing.
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An Efficient Cryptosystem based on the Logistic-Chebyshev Map.
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A Segmentation-Less Efficient Alzheimer Detection Approach Using Hybrid Image Features.
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Clustering algorithm for internet of vehicles (IoV) based on dragonfly optimizer (CAVDO).
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Energy Aware Cluster-Based Routing in Flying Ad-Hoc Networks.
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A review on automated diagnosis of malaria parasite in microscopic blood smears images.
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A Route Optimized Distributed IP-Based Mobility Management Protocol for Seamless Handoff across Wireless Mesh Networks.
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Video Retrieval System for Meniscal Surgery to Improve Health Care Services.
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Image steganography using uncorrelated color space and its application for security of visual contents in online social networks.
Future Gener. Comput. Syst., 2018

Multi-scale contrast and relative motion-based key frame extraction.
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Facial appearance and texture feature-based robust facial expression recognition framework for sentiment knowledge discovery.
Clust. Comput., 2018

Utilizing text recognition for the defects extraction in sewers CCTV inspection videos.
Comput. Ind., 2018

Visual features based boosted classification of weeds for real-time selective herbicide sprayer systems.
Comput. Ind., 2018

Machine learning-assisted signature and heuristic-based detection of malwares in Android devices.
Comput. Electr. Eng., 2018

Grey wolf optimization based clustering algorithm for vehicular ad-hoc networks.
Comput. Electr. Eng., 2018

Ensemble-classifiers-assisted detection of cerebral microbleeds in brain MRI.
Comput. Electr. Eng., 2018

Convolutional Neural Networks Based Fire Detection in Surveillance Videos.
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Natural Language Description of Video Streams Using Task-Specific Feature Encoding.
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Mobile-cloud assisted framework for selective encryption of medical images with steganography for resource-constrained devices.
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Analysis of interaction trace maps for active authentication on smart devices.
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Leukocytes Classification and Segmentation in Microscopic Blood Smear: A Resource-Aware Healthcare Service in Smart Cities.
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Let the deaf understand: Mainstreaming the marginalized in context with personalized digital media services and social needs.
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Ligature Analysis-based Urdu OCR Framework.
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Basis pursuit denoising-based image superresolution using a redundant set of atoms.
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A novel magic LSB substitution method (M-LSB-SM) using multi-level encryption and achromatic component of an image.
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Divide-and-conquer based summarization framework for extracting affective video content.
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Computer Aided System for Leukocytes Classification and Segmentation in Blood Smear Images.
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Ontology-based Secure Retrieval of Semantically Significant Visual Contents.
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SSH: Salient Structures Histogram for Content Based Image Retrieval.
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Mobile-Cloud Assisted Video Summarization Framework for Efficient Management of Remote Sensing Data Generated by Wireless Capsule Sensors.
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Erratum to: Video Summarization Based Tele-endoscopy: A Service to Efficiently Manage Visual Data Generated During Wireless Capsule Endoscopy Procedure.
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Video summarization based tele-endoscopy: a service to efficiently manage visual data generated during wireless capsule endoscopy procedure.
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