Hassan M. Emara

According to our database1, Hassan M. Emara authored at least 19 papers between 2002 and 2019.

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Servo System Control Using SPC and ASPC.
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Three-Dimensional Localization of Known Objects for Robot Arm Application based on a Particle Swarm Optimized Low End Stereo Vision System.
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Explicit model predictive control with time varying constraints for collective pitching in large wind turbines.
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Adaptive critic design-based regulation of the DC-bus voltage in wind energy conversion systems.
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Using Ant Colony Optimization algorithm for solving project management problems.
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Authors' reply [to comments on 'Comments on "Robust tracking enhancement of robot systems including motor dynamics: A fuzzy-based dynamic game approach"'].
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Comments on "Robust tracking enhancement of robot systems including motor dynamics: a fuzzy-based dynamic game approach".
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