Heiko Schröder

According to our database1, Heiko Schröder authored at least 71 papers between 1983 and 2009.

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Antibandwidth and cyclic antibandwidth of meshes and hypercubes.
Discrete Mathematics, 2009

SHREC: a short-read error correction method.
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High Performance Computing for Visualisation and Image Analysis.
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BMA - Boolean Matrices as Model for Motif Kernels.
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Cyclic cutwidths of the two-dimensional ordinary and cylindrical meshes.
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A Dihedral Angle Database of Short Sub-sequences for Protein Structure Prediction.
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MIMD-SIMD hybrid system--towards a new low cost parallel system.
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Fast solution of large N×N matrix equations in an MIMD-SIMD Hybrid System.
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A hybrid architecture for bioinformatics.
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A Hybrid Architecture for Multimedia Processors.
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A Minimal Reduction Approach for the Collapsing Knapsack Problem.
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Protein Sequence Comparison on the Instruction Systolic Array.
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On permutation communications in all-optical rings.
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Long Operand Arithmetic on Instruction Systolic Computer Architectures and Its Application in RSA Cryptography.
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Systolic codebook generation [speech recognition].
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Problem Heaps and Their Evaluation.
Parallel Processing Letters, 1993

A Short Proof of the Dilation of a Toroidal Mesh in a Path.
Inf. Process. Lett., 1993

PIPADS - a low cost real-time visualization tool.
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A Superior Class of Networks for Reconfigurable Meshes.
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Program compression on the instruction systolic array.
Parallel Computing, 1991

Systolic algorithm for polynomial interpolation and related problems.
Parallel Computing, 1991

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Parallel Computing, 1991

Systolic algorithm for multivariable approximation using tensor products of basis functions.
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