Helmut Alt

According to our database1, Helmut Alt authored at least 78 papers between 1976 and 2020.

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Middle curves based on discrete Fréchet distance.
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Packing 2D Disks into a 3D Container.
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Placing your coins on a shelf.
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Scandinavian Thins on Top of Cake: New and Improved Algorithms for Stacking and Packing.
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Computation of the Hausdorff distance between sets of line segments in parallel
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Minimum cell connection and separation in line segment arrangements
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Fast Sorting Algorithms.
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Can We Compute the Similarity between Surfaces?
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Exact Linfty Nearest Neighbor Search in High Dimensions.
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A Method for Obtaining Randomized Algorithms with Small Tail Probabilities.
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An Application of Point Pattern Matching in Astronautics.
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A Lower Bound for the Nondeterministic Space Complexity of Context-Free Recognition.
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Approximate Motion Planning and the Complexity of the Boundary of the Union of Simple Geometric Figures.
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Deterministic Simulation of Idealized Parallel Computers on More Realistic Ones.
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Multiplication is the Easiest Nontrivial Arithmetic Function.
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Searching Semisorted Tables.
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Partial Match Retrieval in Implicit Data Structures.
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Square rooting is as difficult as multiplication.
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Eine untere Schranke für den Platzbedarf bei der Analyse beschränkter kontextfreier Sprachen.
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