Hongtao Yang

According to our database1, Hongtao Yang authored at least 25 papers between 1999 and 2019.

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Corrigendum to "Myopic versus Farsighted Behaviors in a Low-Carbon Supply Chain with Reference Emission Effects".
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Myopic versus Farsighted Behaviors in a Low-Carbon Supply Chain with Reference Emission Effects.
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Massive Meme Identification and Popularity Analysis in Geopolitics.
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Optimizing Floating Locations in Hard Disk Drive by Solving Max-min Optimization.
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3D Digital Campus System Based on WebGL and API.
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Key technology research on monocular vision pose measurement under complex background.
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One-Shot Action Localization by Learning Sequence Matching Network.
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Sogou Neural Machine Translation Systems for WMT17.
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A Multi-Agent Model for Urban Water-Energy-Food Sustainable Development Simulation.
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Evaluation of the sci-tech service industry based on Factor Analysis - a demonstration study of 30 provinces in China.
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Research on Consulting-Type Class with the Aims to Cultivate the Entrepreneur Traits of Students in Schools of Economics and Management Based on Web.
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The Practice Research of Courseware's "Stereological Construction" under the Information Environment - The Practice Research of Which Won the National Courseware's First Prize.
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