Huajun Zhang

According to our database1, Huajun Zhang authored at least 29 papers between 2008 and 2019.

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A 6 $\mu$ W 95 dB SNDR Inverter Based $\Sigma\Delta$ Modulator With Subtractive Dithering and SAR Quantizer.
IEEE Trans. on Circuits and Systems, 2019

A hybridization of cuckoo search and particle swarm optimization for solving optimization problems.
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Intersecting Families in Symmetric Unions of Direct Products of Set Families.
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Secure and Fine-grained Electricity Consumption Aggregation Scheme for Smart Grid.
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Proof of Multicopy via Proof of File Position in Cloud.
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Planar graphs without 3-cycles adjacent to cycles of length 3 or 5 are (3,1)-colorable.
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Overview of Communication Protocols in Internet of Things: Architecture, Development and Future Trends.
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Intersecting k-uniform families containing a given family.
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Multi-proxy multi-signature binding positioning protocol.
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A method combining genetic algorithm with simultaneous perturbation stochastic approximation for linearly constrained stochastic optimization problems.
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Software-Defined, WiFi and BLE Compliant Back-Channel for Ultra-Low Power Wireless Communication.
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Design and implementation of a smart antenna system for UHF vehicle-mounted communication.
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HF superdirective smart antenna system for interference suppression.
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Multi-proxy Multi-signature Binding Positioning Protocol.
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A novel digital beamformer applied in vehicle mounted HF receiving device.
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Optimal Tuning of PI Controller for Full-Order Flux Observer of Induction Motor Using the Immune Genetic Algorithm.
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Pattern synthesis method applied in designing HF superdirective receive arrays.
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The application of fuzzy neural network in ship course control system.
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