Shenggui Zhang

According to our database1, Shenggui Zhang authored at least 83 papers between 2000 and 2020.

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On graph entropy measures based on the number of independent sets and matchings.
Inf. Sci., 2020

Six-flows on almost balanced signed graphs.
Journal of Graph Theory, 2019

Properly Edge-colored Theta Graphs in Edge-colored Complete Graphs.
Graphs and Combinatorics, 2019

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On sufficient conditions for rainbow cycles in edge-colored graphs.
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Properly colored $C_{4}$'s in edge-colored graphs.
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A new proof on the Ramsey number of matchings.
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Compatible Eulerian circuits in Eulerian (di)graphs with generalized transition systems.
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Kernels by properly colored paths in arc-colored digraphs.
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Computing the numbers of independent sets and matchings of all sizes for graphs with bounded treewidth.
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Coulson-type integral formulas for the general energy of polynomials with real roots.
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Cycle extension in edge-colored complete graphs.
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The von Neumann entropy of random multipartite graphs.
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On the maximum arc-chromatic number of digraphs with bounded outdegrees or indegrees.
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Characterizing Heavy Subgraph Pairs for Pancyclicity.
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A note on the number of spanning trees of line digraphs.
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Covering digraphs with small indegrees or outdegrees by directed cuts.
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Integrated Importance Measure of Component States Based on Loss of System Performance.
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Pairs of forbidden induced subgraphs for homogeneously traceable graphs.
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Star subdivisions and connected even factors in the square of a graph.
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Covering the edges of digraphs in D(3, 3) and D(4, 4) with directed cuts.
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Further results on the eccentric distance sum.
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On the reciprocal degree distance of graphs.
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An Improved Graph Entropy-based Method for Identifying Protein Complexes.
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Vertex-disjoint chorded cycles in a graph.
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On extremal weighted digraphs with no heavy paths.
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Integrated importance measures of multi-state systems under uncertainty.
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On the minimum real roots of the -polynomials and chromatic uniqueness of graphs.
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Gröbner basis for an ideal of a polynomial ring over an algebraic extension over a field and its applications.
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A Co-Marginalistic Contribution Value for Set Games.
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