Humaira Yasmin

According to our database1, Humaira Yasmin authored at least 17 papers between 2019 and 2024.

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Exact Solutions of the Stochastic Conformable Broer-Kaup Equations.
Axioms, September, 2024

Optimal Auxiliary Function Method for Analyzing Nonlinear System of Belousov-Zhabotinsky Equation with Caputo Operator.
Axioms, September, 2024

A New Iterative Method for Investigating Modified Camassa-Holm and Modified Degasperis-Procesi Equations within Caputo Operator.
Symmetry, December, 2023

Numerical Calculation of Thermal Radiative Boundary Layer Nanofluid Flow across an Extending Inclined Cylinder.
Symmetry, July, 2023

Numerical Analysis of the Fractional-Order Belousov-Zhabotinsky System.
Symmetry, March, 2023

Comparative Analysis of Advection-Dispersion Equations with Atangana-Baleanu Fractional Derivative.
Symmetry, March, 2023

On the Solutions of the Fractional-Order Sawada-Kotera-Ito Equation and Modeling Nonlinear Structures in Fluid Mediums.
Symmetry, February, 2023

Application of the q-Homotopy Analysis Transform Method to Fractional-Order Kolmogorov and Rosenau-Hyman Models within the Atangana-Baleanu Operator.
Symmetry, February, 2023

Application of Aboodh Homotopy Perturbation Transform Method for Fractional-Order Convection-Reaction-Diffusion Equation within Caputo and Atangana-Baleanu Operators.
Symmetry, February, 2023

Investigation of Fractional Nonlinear Regularized Long-Wave Models via Novel Techniques.
Symmetry, 2023

A Comparative Study of Fractional Partial Differential Equations with the Help of Yang Transform.
Symmetry, 2023

A Comparative Study of the Fractional Coupled Burgers and Hirota-Satsuma KdV Equations via Analytical Techniques.
Symmetry, 2022

Analysis of Fractional-Order System of One-Dimensional Keller-Segel Equations: A Modified Analytical Method.
Symmetry, 2022

Analytical Approaches for Approximate Solution of the Time-Fractional Coupled Schrödinger-KdV Equation.
Symmetry, 2022

Convective Heat/Mass Transfer Analysis on Johnson-Segalman Fluid in a Symmetric Curved Channel with Peristalsis: Engineering Applications.
Symmetry, 2020

Scaffold-free: A developing technique in field of tissue engineering.
Comput. Methods Programs Biomed., 2020

Entropy generation in the human lung due to effect of psychrometric condition and friction in the respiratory tract.
Comput. Methods Programs Biomed., 2019