Anwar Saeed

According to our database1, Anwar Saeed authored at least 23 papers between 2011 and 2023.

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Numerical Calculation of Thermal Radiative Boundary Layer Nanofluid Flow across an Extending Inclined Cylinder.
Symmetry, July, 2023

Enhancing Heat Transfer in Blood Hybrid Nanofluid Flow with Ag-TiO2 Nanoparticles and Electrical Field in a Tilted Cylindrical W-Shape Stenosis Artery: A Finite Difference Approach.
Symmetry, 2023

Significance of Lorentz forces on Jeffrey nanofluid flows over a convectively heated flat surface featured by multiple velocity slips and dual stretching constraint: a homotopy analysis approach.
J. Comput. Des. Eng., 2022

Enabling Smart City With Intelligent Congestion Control Using Hops With a Hybrid Computational Approach.
Comput. J., 2022

Extinction and stationary distribution of a stochastic COVID-19 epidemic model with time-delay.
Comput. Biol. Medicine, 2022

An optimal analysis for magnetohydrodynamics Darcy-Forchheimer boundary layer radiative flow past a porous medium.
Comput. Math. Methods, November, 2021

Influence of Cattaneo-Christov Heat Flux on MHD Jeffrey, Maxwell, and Oldroyd-B Nanofluids with Homogeneous-Heterogeneous Reaction.
Symmetry, 2019

An Optimal Utilization of Cloud Resources using Adaptive Back Propagation Neural Network and Multi-Level Priority Queue Scheduling.
ISC Int. J. Inf. Secur., 2019

Automatic facial analysis methods: facial point localization, head pose estimation, and facial expression recognition.
PhD thesis, 2018

Facial point localization via neural networks in a cascade regression framework.
Multim. Tools Appl., 2018

Advancement in the head pose estimation via depth-based face spotting.
Proceedings of the 2016 IEEE Symposium Series on Computational Intelligence, 2016

A framework for joint facial expression recognition and point localization.
Proceedings of the 23rd International Conference on Pattern Recognition, 2016

Head Pose Estimation on Top of Haar-Like Face Detection: A Study Using the Kinect Sensor.
Sensors, 2015

Boosted human head pose estimation using kinect camera.
Proceedings of the 2015 IEEE International Conference on Image Processing, 2015

Regression-based Head Pose Estimation in 2D Images.
Proceedings of the 1st International Symposium on Companion-Technology (ISCT 2015), 2015

Frame-Based Facial Expression Recognition Using Geometrical Features.
Adv. Hum. Comput. Interact., 2014

Gabor Wavelet Recognition Approach for Off-Line Handwritten Arabic Using Explicit Segmentation.
Proceedings of the Image Processing and Communications Challenges 5, 2013

A Hidden Markov Model-Based Approach with an Adaptive Threshold Model for Off-Line Arabic Handwriting Recognition.
Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Document Analysis and Recognition, 2013

The effectiveness of using geometrical features for facial expression recognition.
Proceedings of the 2013 IEEE International Conference on Cybernetics, 2013

Neutral-independent geometric features for facial expression recognition.
Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Intelligent Systems Design and Applications, 2012

Speaker Tracking Using Multi-modal Fusion Framework.
Proceedings of the Image and Signal Processing - 5th International Conference, 2012

Solving the Hand-Hand Overlapping for Gesture Application.
Proceedings of the Image Processing and Communications Challenges 3, 2011

Coping with hand-hand overlapping in bimanual movements.
Proceedings of the 2011 IEEE International Conference on Signal and Image Processing Applications, 2011