Jalal Kazempour

According to our database1, Jalal Kazempour authored at least 13 papers between 2016 and 2020.

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A Mid-Term DSO Market for Capacity Limits: How to Estimate Opportunity Costs of Aggregators?
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Market-based coordination of integrated electricity and natural gas systems under uncertain supply.
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Heat and electricity market coordination: A scalable complementarity approach.
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Differentially Private Convex Optimization with Feasibility Guarantees.
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Electricity-Aware Heat Unit Commitment: A Bid-Validity Approach.
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Electricity market equilibrium under information asymmetry.
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A Bid-Validity Mechanism for Sequential Heat and Electricity Market Clearing.
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Optimal Power Flow Under Uncertainty: An Extensive Out-of-Sample Analysis.
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Exploring Market Properties of Policy-based Reserve Procurement for Power Systems.
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Impacts of Ramping Inflexibility of Conventional Generators on Strategic Operation of Energy Storage Facilities.
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