Jamil Ahmad

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CISSKA-LSB: color image steganography using stego key-directed adaptive LSB substitution method.
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Image steganography for authenticity of visual contents in social networks.
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Analysis of interaction trace maps for active authentication on smart devices.
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On Feature based Delaunay Triangulation for Palmprint Recognition.
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Divide-and-Conquer based Ensemble to Spot Emotions in Speech using MFCC and Random Forest.
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Structural characterization of ANGPTL8 (betatrophin) with its interacting partner lipoprotein lipase.
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A Secure Cyclic Steganographic Technique for Color Images using Randomization.
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A Novel Image Steganographic Approach for Hiding Text in Color Images using HSI Color Model.
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Real Time Modeling of Interlocking Control System of Rawalpindi Cantt Train Yard.
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Insilico study of anti-carcinogenic lysyl oxidase-like 2 inhibitors.
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On the modelling and analysis of the regulatory network of dengue virus pathogenesis and clearance.
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Agent based Model for providing optimized, synchronized and failure free execution of workflow process
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PhD thesis, 1994