Jason I. Brown

According to our database1, Jason I. Brown authored at least 62 papers between 1987 and 2018.

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  • Dijkstra number2 of five.
  • Erdős number3 of two.



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Optimal Graphs for Independence and k-Independence Polynomials.
Graphs and Combinatorics, 2018

On the roots of Wiener polynomials of graphs.
Discrete Mathematics, 2018

On the unimodality of independence polynomials of very well-covered graphs.
Discrete Mathematics, 2018

The shape of node reliability.
Discrete Applied Mathematics, 2018

On the Stability of Independence Polynomials.
Electr. J. Comb., 2018

Restraints permitting the largest number of colourings.
Discrete Applied Mathematics, 2017

Inflection points of reliability polynomials are dense in [0, 1].
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On the Roots of σ-Polynomials.
Journal of Graph Theory, 2016

On the Real Roots of σ -Polynomials.
Graphs and Combinatorics, 2016

On the spectrum and number of convex sets in graphs.
Discrete Mathematics, 2015

New bounds for chromatic polynomials and chromatic roots.
Discrete Mathematics, 2015

Inflection points for network reliability.
Telecommunication Systems, 2014

Nonexistence of optimal graphs for all terminal reliability.
Networks, 2014

On the Roots of Domination Polynomials.
Graphs and Combinatorics, 2014

Graphs with a Minimal Number of Convex Sets.
Graphs and Combinatorics, 2014

Independence densities of hypergraphs.
Eur. J. Comb., 2014

A note on the real part of complex chromatic roots.
Discrete Mathematics, 2014

The average reliability of a graph.
Discrete Applied Mathematics, 2014

On the Roots of Expected Independence Polynomials.
Journal of Graph Theory, 2013

Line Graphs and Circulants.
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On Circulants Uniquely Characterized by their Independence Polynomials.
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Well-covered circulant graphs.
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Reliability polynomials crossing more than twice.
Proceedings of the 3rd International Congress on Ultra Modern Telecommunications and Control Systems and Workshops, 2011

Proof of a conjecture on fractional Ramsey numbers.
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On the roots of strongly connected reliability polynomials.
Networks, 2009

Monomial bases for broken circuit complexes.
Eur. J. Comb., 2009

Independence polynomials of circulants with an application to music.
Discrete Mathematics, 2009

Nordhaus-Gaddum inequalities for the fractional and circular chromatic numbers.
Discrete Mathematics, 2009

The closure of the set of roots of strongly connected reliability polynomials is the entire complex plane.
Discrete Mathematics, 2009

Chip firing and all-terminal network reliability bounds.
Discrete Optimization, 2009

The neighbourhood polynomial of a graph.
Australasian J. Combinatorics, 2008

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The structure of well-covered graphs with no cycles of length 4.
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The well-covered dimension of random graphs.
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The Ehrenfeucht-Fraisse Game for Paths and Cycles.
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On chromatic roots with negative real part.
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Subdivisions and Chromatic Roots.
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On the Roots of Chromatic Polynomials.
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The Ultimate Categorical Independence Ratio of a Graph.
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Cohen-Macaulay Rings in Network Reliability.
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The number of complements of a topology on n points is at least 2n (except for some special cases).
Discrete Mathematics, 1996

The Complexity of Generalized Graph Colorings.
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Network transformations and bounding network reliability.
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Mutually complementary partial orders.
Discrete Mathematics, 1993

Roots of the Reliability Polynomial.
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A vertex critical graph without critical edges.
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A ramsey type problem concerning vertex colourings.
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Graph properties and hypergraph colourings.
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A note on Ki-perfect graphs.
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A Set System Polynomial with Colouring and Reliability Applications.
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On generalized graph colorings.
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