David Kelly

According to our database1, David Kelly authored at least 28 papers between 1975 and 2020.

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Using the FACE-IT portal and workflow engine for operational food quality prediction and assessment: An application to mussel farms monitoring in the Bay of Napoli, Italy.
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SafeStrings: Representing Strings as Structured Data.
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"What's Happening at that Hip?": Evaluating an On-body Projection based Augmented Reality System for Physiotherapy Classroom.
Proceedings of the 2019 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, 2019

Personæ: A Character-Visualisation Tool for Dramatic Texts.
Proceedings of the 12th Annual International Conference of the Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations, 2017

Only Connect!: Intertextuality, Circulation, and Networks in Digital Resources for Women's Writing.
Proceedings of the 12th Annual International Conference of the Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations, 2017

Augmented Studio: Projection Mapping on Moving Body for Physiotherapy Education.
Proceedings of the 2017 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, 2017

Applications of the FACE-IT Data Science Portal and Workflow Engine for Operational Food Quality Prediction and Assessment: Mussel Farm Monitoring in the Bay of Napoli, Italy.
Proceedings of the 11th Workshop on Workflows in Support of Large-Scale Science co-located with The International Conference for High Performance Computing, 2016

FACE-IT: A science gateway for food security research.
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The Globus Galaxies platform: delivering science gateways as a service.
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The parallel system for integrating impact models and sectors (pSIMS).
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Should Instructional Designers care about the Tin Can API?
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2013 ASTD TechKnowledge Recap.
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Reusability in Science: From Initial User Engagement to Dissemination of Results.
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The parallel system for integrating impact models and sectors (pSIMS).
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An Inside Look at ASTD's 2012 International Conference and Exposition.
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Can transitive orientation make sandwich problems easier?
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Complex Network-Based Information Systems (CNIS) Standards: Toward an Adoption Model.
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Developing Open Source Software: A Community-Based Analysis of Research.
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Open vs.Closed standards for ambient intelligence: an exploratory study of adoption.
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Encapsulating Real-Life Experience.
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Practical VoIP using Vocal - MGCP, H.323, SIP, RTP, COPS, RADIUS, and more.
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Interval dimension is a comparability invariant.
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Graph coloring satisfying restraints.
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Fundamentals of planar ordered sets.
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On the dimension of partially ordered sets.
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Certain Partially Ordered Sets of Dimension Three.
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