Jeffrey Forrest

According to our database1, Jeffrey Forrest authored at least 34 papers between 2007 and 2020.

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Differentiated products pricing with consumer network acceptance in a dual-channel supply chain.
Electronic Commerce Research and Applications, 2020

Three way decisions based grey incidence analysis clustering approach for panel data and its application.
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A comparative analysis of grey ranking approaches.
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Simple assembly line balancing problem of Type 1 with grey demand and grey task durations.
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Low-Velocity Impact Localization on Composites Under Sensor Damage by Interpolation Reference Database and Fuzzy Evidence Theory.
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Grey Data Analysis - Methods, Models and Applications
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At Nash equilibrium when new market competitions appear?
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Using grey incidence to analyze the energy audit reports and rough set for rule extraction.
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An optimization model of the acceptable consensus and its economic significance.
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Principles of management efficiency and organizational inefficiency.
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New progress of Grey System Theory in the new millennium.
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Explanation of terms of concepts and fundamental principles of grey systems.
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Explanation of terms of sequence operators and grey data mining.
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Explanation of terms of grey numbers and its operations.
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N-person grey game.
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Two consensus models based on the minimum cost and maximum return regarding either all individuals or one individual.
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Analyzing the results of buildings energy audit by using grey incidence analysis.
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On condition of reaching a high level of consensus when new decision makers join.
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The optimal group consensus models for 2-tuple linguistic preference relations.
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Novel models of grey relational analysis based on visual angle of similarity and nearness.
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The optimal priority models of the intuitionistic fuzzy preference relation and their application in selecting industries with higher meteorological sensitivity.
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Pansystems Exploration: A Transfield Internet-like Approach.
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