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According to our database1, Kun Zhou authored at least 167 papers between 2001 and 2019.

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IEEE Fellow 2015, "For contributions to shape modeling and GPU computing".



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Physically-Based Simulation of Cosmetics via Intrinsic Image Decomposition with Facial Priors.
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Molecular insight into the T798M gatekeeper mutation-caused acquired resistance to tyrosine kinase inhibitors in ErbB2-positive breast cancer.
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Gamma Degradation Process and Accelerated Model Combined Reliability Analysis Method for Rubber O-Rings.
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MLB+-tree: A Multi-level B+-tree Index for Multidimensional Range Query on Seismic Data.
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Message from the Editors-in-Chief.
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Dynamic furniture modeling through assembly instructions.
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Interactive sound propagation with bidirectional path tracing.
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Efficient GPU path rendering using scanline rasterization.
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Crowd-driven mid-scale layout design.
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Interactive mechanism modeling from multi-view images.
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AutoHair: fully automatic hair modeling from a single image.
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Real-time facial animation with image-based dynamic avatars.
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Variance Analysis and Adaptive Sampling for Indirect Light Path Reuse.
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Computational hydrographic printing.
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Online Structure Analysis for Real-Time Indoor Scene Reconstruction.
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Unbiased photon gathering for light transport simulation.
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High-quality hair modeling from a single portrait photo.
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Real-time high-fidelity facial performance capture.
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Exploring Topical Lead-Lag across Corpora.
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A Closed-Loop Speed Advisory Model With Driver's Behavior Adaptability for Eco-Driving.
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Fractional-Order Three-Dimensional ∇ × n Circuit Network.
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Irradiance regression for efficient final gathering in global illumination.
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AppFusion: Interactive Appearance Acquisition Using a Kinect Sensor.
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Quantifying the benefits of alternative fieldwork patterns in a potato cultivation system.
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Agile structural analysis for fabrication-aware shape editing.
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Simulation of fluid mixing with interface control.
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Route Planning For Capacitated Agricultural Machines Based On Ant Colony Algorithms.
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Imagining the unseen: stability-based cuboid arrangements for scene understanding.
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A reduced model for interactive hairs.
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Real-time facial animation on mobile devices.
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Line segment sampling with blue-noise properties.
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Interpreting concept sketches.
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Vector solid textures.
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