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According to our database1, Kun Zhou authored at least 81 papers between 2002 and 2020.

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IEEE Fellow 2015, "For contributions to shape modeling and GPU computing".



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Rapid golden-angle diffusion-weighted propeller MRI for simultaneous assessment of ADC and IVIM.
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Design of Outdoor Fire Intelligent Alarm System Based on Image Recognition.
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Review on blockchain technology and its application to the simple analysis of intellectual property protection.
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VAW-GAN for Disentanglement and Recomposition of Emotional Elements in Speech.
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Seen and Unseen emotional style transfer for voice conversion with a new emotional speech dataset.
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Towards Topic-Guided Conversational Recommender System.
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S^3-Rec: Self-Supervised Learning for Sequential Recommendation with Mutual Information Maximization.
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Spectrum and Prosody Conversion for Cross-lingual Voice Conversion with CycleGAN.
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VAW-GAN for Singing Voice Conversion with Non-parallel Training Data.
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HEMlets PoSh: Learning Part-Centric Heatmap Triplets for 3D Human Pose and Shape Estimation.
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Transforming Spectrum and Prosody for Emotional Voice Conversion with Non-Parallel Training Data.
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Molecular insight into the T798M gatekeeper mutation-caused acquired resistance to tyrosine kinase inhibitors in ErbB2-positive breast cancer.
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Finite Element Analysis of Electrostatic Field in Chiral Plasmas.
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$$L_{0}$$ L 0 -norm constraint normalized logarithmic subband adaptive filter algorithm.
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Exploring on the Sensitivity Changes of the <i>LC</i> Resonance Magnetic Sensors Affected by Superposed Ringing Signals.
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Adversarial 3D Human Pose Estimation via Multimodal Depth Supervision.
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FBI-Pose: Towards Bridging the Gap between 2D Images and 3D Human Poses using Forward-or-Backward Information.
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Resonant interaction of <i>ϕ</i><sup>4</sup> kink with PT-symmetric perturbation with spatially periodic gain/loss coefficient.
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Gamma Degradation Process and Accelerated Model Combined Reliability Analysis Method for Rubber O-Rings.
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MLB+-tree: A Multi-level B+-tree Index for Multidimensional Range Query on Seismic Data.
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Message from the Editors-in-Chief.
Vis. Informatics, 2017

Computational design and fabrication of soft pneumatic objects with desired deformations.
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CCodeExtractor: 一种针对C程序自动化的函数提取方法 (CCodeExtractor: Automatic Approach of Function Extraction for C Programs).
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