Jia Xu

According to our database1, Jia Xu authored at least 14 papers between 2015 and 2018.

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Opportunistic broadcasting for low-power sensor networks with adaptive performance requirements.
Wireless Networks, 2018

Frameworks for Privacy-Preserving Mobile Crowdsensing Incentive Mechanisms.
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Achieving adaptive broadcasting performance tradeoff for energy-critical sensor networks: A bottom-up approach.
Computer Networks, 2018

Improving Both Quantity and Quality: Incentive Mechanism for Social Mobile Crowdsensing Architecture.
IEEE Access, 2018

Time-Sensitive and Sybil-Proof Incentive Mechanisms for Mobile Crowdsensing via Social Network.
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Online Incentive Mechanism for Mobile Crowdsourcing Based on Two-Tiered Social Crowdsourcing Architecture.
Proceedings of the 15th Annual IEEE International Conference on Sensing, 2018

Incentivize maximum continuous time interval coverage under budget constraint in mobile crowd sensing.
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FIMI: A Constant Frugal Incentive Mechanism for Time Window Coverage in Mobile Crowdsensing.
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Incentivizing the Biased Requesters: Truthful Task Assignment Mechanisms in Crowdsourcing.
Proceedings of the 14th Annual IEEE International Conference on Sensing, 2017

Mobile Crowd Sensing via Online Communities: Incentive Mechanisms for Multiple Cooperative Tasks.
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ODMBP: Behavior Forwarding for Multiple Property Destinations in Mobile Social Networks.
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BidGuard: A framework for privacy-preserving crowdsensing incentive mechanisms.
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DI-DAP: An Efficient Disaster Information Delivery and Analysis Platform in Disaster Management.
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Incentive Mechanisms for Time Window Dependent Tasks in Mobile Crowdsensing.
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