Yue Huang

According to our database1, Yue Huang authored at least 67 papers between 1994 and 2019.

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Research on Optical Fiber Sensor Based on Underwater Deformation Measurement.
Sensors, 2019

Sparsity Based Full Rank Polarimetric Reconstruction of Coherence Matrix T.
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Enhanced high-frequency precuneus-cortical effective connectivity is associated with decreased sensory gating following total sleep deprivation.
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Prominent edge detection with deep metric expression and multi-scale features.
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Event summarization for sports games using twitter streams.
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A fast garment fitting algorithm using skeleton-based error metric.
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Comparative investigations into dynamic rheological modeling of the water-based drilling fluid under HTHP conditions.
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Recurrent neural system with minimum complexity: A deep learning perspective.
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Neural Dynamics during Resting State: A Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Exploration with Reduction and Visualization.
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Prediction model of outpatient flow based on behaviour data of outpatients in a Chinese tertiary hospital.
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Impacts of Big Data on Data Mining Research: An Empirical Study of Chinese Journals.
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Marbling-based creative modelling.
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Deep belief echo-state network and its application to time series prediction.
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FIU-Miner (a fast, integrated, and user-friendly system for data mining) and its applications.
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Clustering multi-typed objects in extended star-structured heterogeneous data.
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BAC: Bandwidth-aware compression for efficient live migration of virtual machines.
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Evading Classifiers by Morphing in the Dark.
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The Brief Introduction of Different Laser Diagnostics Methods Used in Aeroengine Combustion Research.
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Random Secure Comparator Selection Based Privacy-Preserving MAX/MIN Query Processing in Two-Tiered Sensor Networks.
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Analysis on in-vehicle information security defense.
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A Novel Brain Network Construction Method for Exploring Age-Related Functional Reorganization.
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A course-oriented book recommendation method based on library classification ontology.
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Where are we visiting? Measurement and analysis of venues in Dianping.
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DI-DAP: An Efficient Disaster Information Delivery and Analysis Platform in Disaster Management.
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An Implantable RFID Sensor Tag toward Continuous Glucose Monitoring.
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Altered Structural and Functional Feature of Striato-Cortical Circuit in Benign Epilepsy with Centrotemporal Spikes.
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Distributed and Real-Time Query Framework for Processing Participatory Sensing Data Streams.
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How Did a Grade 5 Community Formulate Progressive, Collective Goals to Sustain Knowledge Building Over a Whole School Year?
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Clustering on heterogeneous networks.
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Ttn as a likely causal gene for QTL of alcohol preference on mouse chromosome 2.
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Tomographic analysis for boreal forests using single-pass L-band PolInSAR data.
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A survey on faulty line selection technology for single-phase-to-ground fault in China.
Proceedings of the 2013 IEEE Industry Applications Society Annual Meeting, 2013

Identification of hearing loss relevant genes in QTL on mouse chromosome 16.
BMC Bioinformatics, 2012

QTLs for bone mineral density of femurs and tibias in recombinant inbred strains derived from C57BL/6J and DBA/2J inbred strains.
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Evaluation of potential role of Atp5g3 in modulating alcohol preference and obesity.
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Forest height estimation using single-pass dual-baseline L-Band PolInSAR data.
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Ontology-Based Genes Similarity Calculation with TF-IDF.
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Reducing PAPR by selecting optimal wavelet tree structure in WOFDM.
Computers & Electrical Engineering, 2011

Identification of alcohol preference relevant genes in QTL on mouse chromosome 2.
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An algorithm for detecting overlapping community structure in complex networks.
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Lab-on-CMOS: Integrating microfluidics and electrochemical sensor on CMOS.
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Amperometric Electrochemical Microsystem for a Miniaturized Protein Biosensor Array.
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An improved valence-arousal emotion space for video affective content representation and recognition.
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The Design of a Wireless Access for Vehicular Environment (WAVE) Prototype for Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) and Vehicular Infrastructure Integration (VII).
Proceedings of the 68th IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference, 2008

Chebyshev Affine Arithmetic based parametric yield prediction under limited descriptions of uncertainty.
Proceedings of the 13th Asia South Pacific Design Automation Conference, 2008

Feature selection and classification model construction on type 2 diabetic patients' data.
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Boltzmann Machine Incorporated Hybrid Neural Fuzzy System for Hardware/Software Partitioning in Embedded System Design.
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Amperometric Readout and Electrode Array Chip for Bioelectrochemical Sensors.
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