Jiahua Zhang

Orcid: 0000-0002-2894-9627

  • Qingdao University, Remote Sensing Information and Digital Earth Center, Qingdao, China
  • Chinese Academy of Sciences, Key Laboratory of Digital Earth Science, Aerospace Information Research Institute, Beijing, China

According to our database1, Jiahua Zhang authored at least 56 papers between 2013 and 2024.

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Estimating Forest Aboveground Biomass Using a Combination of Geographical Random Forest and Empirical Bayesian Kriging Models.
Remote. Sens., June, 2024

Improved Classification of Coastal Wetlands in Yellow River Delta of China Using ResNet Combined with Feature-Preferred Bands Based on Attention Mechanism.
Remote. Sens., June, 2024

A New Dual-Branch Embedded Multivariate Attention Network for Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Classification.
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Soil Salinity Inversion in Yellow River Delta by Regularized Extreme Learning Machine Based on ICOA.
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Prediction of Large-Scale Regional Evapotranspiration Based on Multi-Scale Feature Extraction and Multi-Headed Self-Attention.
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Spatial Downscaling of ESA CCI Soil Moisture Data Based on Deep Learning with an Attention Mechanism.
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Genetic Programming Guided Mapping of Forest Canopy Height by Combining LiDAR Satellites with Sentinel-1/2, Terrain, and Climate Data.
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Quantitative Assessment of Factors Influencing the Spatiotemporal Variation in Carbon Dioxide Fluxes Simulated by Multi-Source Remote Sensing Data in Tropical Vegetation.
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Ecosystem Evapotranspiration Partitioning and Its Spatial-Temporal Variation Based on Eddy Covariance Observation and Machine Learning Method.
Remote. Sens., October, 2023

Prediction of Sea Surface Chlorophyll-a Concentrations Based on Deep Learning and Time-Series Remote Sensing Data.
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TCUNet: A Lightweight Dual-Branch Parallel Network for Sea-Land Segmentation in Remote Sensing Images.
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Aboveground Biomass Dynamics of a Coastal Wetland Ecosystem Driven by Land Use/Land Cover Transformation.
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Daytime Sea Fog Identification Based on Multi-Satellite Information and the ECA-TransUnet Model.
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Study on the Spatial and Temporal Distribution of Urban Vegetation Phenology by Local Climate Zone and Urban-Rural Gradient Approach.
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The response and sensitivity of global vegetation to water stress: A comparison of different satellite-based NDVI products.
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Improving the Estimation of Gross Primary Productivity across Global Biomes by Modeling Light Use Efficiency through Machine Learning.
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Improved Understanding of Flash Drought from a Comparative Analysis of Drought with Different Intensification Rates.
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Assessment of Drought Impact on Net Primary Productivity in the Terrestrial Ecosystems of Mongolia from 2003 to 2018.
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Assessment and Comparison of Six Machine Learning Models in Estimating Evapotranspiration over Croplands Using Remote Sensing and Meteorological Factors.
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