Sha Zhang

According to our database1, Sha Zhang authored at least 36 papers between 2014 and 2023.

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Improving the Estimation of Gross Primary Productivity across Global Biomes by Modeling Light Use Efficiency through Machine Learning.
Remote. Sens., April, 2023

TrajMatch: Towards Automatic Spatio-temporal Calibration for Roadside LiDARs through Trajectory Matching.
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Drought Monitoring and Performance Evaluation Based on Machine Learning Fusion of Multi-Source Remote Sensing Drought Factors.
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Improving the Gross Primary Productivity Estimate by Simulating the Maximum Carboxylation Rate of the Crop Using Machine Learning Algorithms.
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Evaluating the Effectiveness of Machine Learning and Deep Learning Models Combined Time-Series Satellite Data for Multiple Crop Types Classification over a Large-Scale Region.
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Online Brand Community User Segments: A Text Mining Approach.
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Machine learning and remote sensing-based modeling of the optimal stomatal behavior of crops.
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Robust Beamforming Design for Covert Communications.
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Remote Sensing-Based Quantification of the Summer Maize Yield Gap Induced by Suboptimum Sowing Dates over North China Plain.
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Fusion of GF and MODIS Data for Regional-Scale Grassland Community Classification with EVI2 Time-Series and Phenological Features.
Remote. Sens., 2021

Superpixel-Based Regional-Scale Grassland Community Classification Using Genetic Programming with Sentinel-1 SAR and Sentinel-2 Multispectral Images.
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Assessment and Comparison of Six Machine Learning Models in Estimating Evapotranspiration over Croplands Using Remote Sensing and Meteorological Factors.
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Meteorological Drought Analysis and Return Periods over North and West Africa and Linkage with El Niño-Southern Oscillation (ENSO).
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Mapping cotton cultivated area combining remote sensing with a fused representation-based classification algorithm.
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Using remote sensing information to enhance the understanding of the coupling of terrestrial ecosystem evapotranspiration and photosynthesis on a global scale.
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Optimal Linear Cooperation for Signal Classification in Cognitive Communication Networks.
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Spatio-Temporal Patterns of Drought and Impact on Vegetation in North and West Africa Based on Multi-Satellite Data.
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Regional Assessment of Climate Potential Productivity of Terrestrial Ecosystems and Its Responses to Climate Change Over China From 1980-2018.
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Learning While Tracking: A Practical System Based on Variational Gaussian Process State-Space Model and Smartphone Sensory Data.
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A Survey on Deep Learning Techniques in Wireless Signal Recognition.
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Temporal-Spatial Distribution of Chlorophyll-a and Impacts of Environmental Factors in the Bohai Sea and Yellow Sea.
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Developing a Method to Estimate Maize Area in North and Northeast of China Combining Crop Phenology Information and Time-Series MODIS EVI.
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Crop Area Identification Based on Time Series EVI2 and Sparse Representation Approach: A Case Study in Shandong Province, China.
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User Pairing Schemes in Cooperative Downlink NOMA System with SWIPT.
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Hybrid Beamforming via the Kronecker Decomposition for the Millimeter-Wave Massive MIMO Systems.
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A Novel Nonlinear Modeling Method for Permanent-Magnet Synchronous Motors.
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A Hybrid Secure Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks against Timing Attacks Using Continuous-Time Markov Chain and Queueing Model.
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Adaptive Particle Filter for Nonparametric Estimation with Measurement Uncertainty in Wireless Sensor Networks.
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Distributed particle filter using pairwise K-selective gossip for cognitive radio positioning.
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Hybrid interference cancellation in millimeter-wave MIMO systems.
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Evaluation on anti-interference to WLAN equipments for spatial deployment of CBTC systems in tunnels.
Proceedings of the 2014 IEEE/CIC International Conference on Communications in China, 2014