Jiao Wu

According to our database1, Jiao Wu authored at least 31 papers between 2006 and 2019.

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A Multi-Appeal Model of Persuasion for Online Petition Success: A Linguistic Cue-Based Approach.
J. AIS, 2019

Impacts of case-based health knowledge system in hospital management: The mediating role of group effectiveness.
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Addressing Time Bias in Bipartite Graph Ranking for Important Node Identification.
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Millimeter Wave Cell Discovery Based on Out-of-Band Information and Design of Beamforming.
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Efficient and Scalable Exploration via Estimation-Error.
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An efficient all-zero block detection algorithm for high efficiency video coding with RDOQ.
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Multi-critic DDPG Method and Double Experience Replay.
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Serious Game for Spring Festival Culture in Beijing.
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Nonlocaly Multi-Morphological Representation for Image Reconstruction From Compressive Measurements.
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A model for both the fast and slow spreadings of sudden events on social networks.
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Multi-keywords carrier-free text steganography based on part of speech tagging.
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Massive MIMO downlink channel estimation based on improved CAMP-MMV algorithm.
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The Role of Espoused National Cultural Values in Cross-National Cultural IS Studies.
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Pose and illumination variable face recognition via sparse representation and illumination dictionary.
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Generalized ℓP-regularized representation for visual tracking.
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Tweet, Favorite, and Envy.
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Incomplete variables truncated conjugate gradient method for signal reconstruction in compressed sensing.
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How Envy Influences SNS Intentions to Use.
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Multivariate pursuit image reconstruction using prior information beyond sparsity.
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Using Planning with Action Preference in Story Generation.
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An evidential reasoning based classification algorithm and its application for face recognition with class noise.
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Online Web Sentiment Analysis on Campus Network.
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Inherent Error Generation of Frequency Domain Equalization for CDMA Downlink and Some Improvement.
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A Novel Model of Drive Test Data Processing in Wireless Network Optimization.
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