Jie-Sheng Wang

According to our database1, Jie-Sheng Wang authored at least 37 papers between 2006 and 2021.

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A Novel Dynamic Clustering Method by Integrating Marine Predators Algorithm and Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm.
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Adaptive Hybrid Soft-Sensor Model of Grinding Process Based on Regularized Extreme Learning Machine and Least Squares Support Vector Machine Optimized by Golden Sine Harris Hawk Optimization Algorithm.
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Improved Salp Swarm Algorithm Based on Levy Flight and Sine Cosine Operator.
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Improved Whale Optimization Algorithm Based on Nonlinear Adaptive Weight and Golden Sine Operator.
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Hybrid Henry Gas Solubility Optimization Algorithm Based on the Harris Hawk Optimization.
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Extreme Learning Machine Soft-Sensor Model With Different Activation Functions on Grinding Process Optimized by Improved Black Hole Algorithm.
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An Improved Grey Wolf Optimizer Based on Tracking and Seeking Modes to Solve Function Optimization Problems.
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Improved Ant Lion Optimizer Based on Spiral Complex Path Searching Patterns.
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Improved Grasshopper Algorithm Based on Gravity Search Operator and Pigeon Colony Landmark Operator.
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An Improved dynamic self-adaption cuckoo search algorithm based on collaboration between subpopulations.
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Soft Sensing Modeling of the SMB Chromatographic Separation Process Based on the Adaptive Neural Fuzzy Inference System.
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Improved Bat Algorithm Based on Multipopulation Strategy of Island Model for Solving Global Function Optimization Problem.
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A Novel Clustering Validity Function of FCM Clustering Algorithm.
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Improved Black Hole Algorithm Based on Golden Sine Operator and Levy Flight Operator.
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An Improved Whale Optimization Algorithm Based on Different Searching Paths and Perceptual Disturbance.
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An Improved Fireworks Algorithm Based on Grouping Strategy of the Shuffled Frog Leaping Algorithm to Solve Function Optimization Problems.
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Hybrid Multiple Soft-Sensor Models of Grinding Granularity Based on Cuckoo Searching Algorithm and Hysteresis Switching Strategy.
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Rough Set-Probabilistic Neural Networks Fault Diagnosis Method of Polymerization Kettle Equipment Based on Shuffled Frog Leaping Algorithm.
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ANFIS Based Time Series Prediction Method of Bank Cash Flow Optimized by Adaptive Population Activity PSO Algorithm.
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Delayed response of snails' vertical distribution on the bottomland to the changing water level at the downstream area of the Three Gorges project.
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Cuckoo Search Algorithm Based on Repeat-Cycle Asymptotic Self-Learning and Self-Evolving Disturbance for Function Optimization.
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Feed-Forward Neural Network Soft-Sensor Modeling of Flotation Process Based on Particle Swarm Optimization and Gravitational Search Algorithm.
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Echo state networks based predictive model of vinyl chloride monomer convention velocity optimized by artificial fish swarm algorithm.
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Multivariable PID Decoupling Control Method of Electroslag Remelting Process Based on Improved Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) Algorithm.
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GLCM Based Extraction of Flame Image Texture Features and KPCA-GLVQ Recognition Method for Rotary Kiln Combustion Working Conditions.
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