Jie Gao

According to our database1, Jie Gao authored at least 172 papers between 2003 and 2020.

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Cutting Polygons into Small Pieces with Chords: Laser-Based Localization.
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Streaming Chunk-Aware Multihead Attention for Online End-to-End Speech Recognition.
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Visual Perception Model for Rapid and Adaptive Low-light Image Enhancement.
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Quality incentive contracts considering asymmetric product manufacturability information: Piece rate vs. Tournament.
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Exploring duality on ontology debugging.
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A Behavior-Driven Coordination Control Framework for Target Hunting by UUV Intelligent Swarm.
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Identifying Desirable Function Perturbations in Signaling Pathways Through Stochastic Analysis.
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RP-DNN: A Tweet Level Propagation Context Based Deep Neural Networks for Early Rumor Detection in Social Media.
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LSTM-EFG for wind power forecasting based on sequential correlation features.
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A Price-Based Iterative Double Auction for Charger Sharing Markets.
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Coordinating patient preferences through automated negotiation: A multiagent systems model for diagnostic services scheduling.
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Multi-Attention Object Detection Model in Remote Sensing Images Based on Multi-Scale.
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Theoretical CSPR Analysis and Performance Comparison for Four Single-Sideband Modulation Schemes With Kramers-Kronig Receiver.
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Adaptive Nonsingular Terminal Sliding Mode Backstepping Control for the Speed and Tension System of the Reversible Cold Strip Rolling Mill Using Disturbance Observers.
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Event-Triggered Cooperative Output Regulation for Heterogeneous Multi-Agent Systems With an Uncertain Leader.
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On Privacy of Socially Contagious Attributes.
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The Seventh Visual Object Tracking VOT2019 Challenge Results.
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Multi-objective Optimized Noise Reduction Design of Complicated Structure-Borne Acoustic Radiation Under Multiple Constrains.
Wireless Personal Communications, 2018

Multi-objective Optimized Design for Intermediate-Frequency Noise Reduction in Aircraft Cabins.
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SemRe-Rank: Improving Automatic Term Extraction by Incorporating Semantic Relatedness with Personalised PageRank.
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Multi-Target Detection Method Based on Variable Carrier Frequency Chirp Sequence.
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Fabrication of Flexible Microneedle Array Electrodes for Wearable Bio-Signal Recording.
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A Market-Based Scheduling Mechanism Design for Cost Reduction in Home Health Care.
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Topology optimization of micro-structured materials featured with the specific mechanical properties.
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Quality contracts with the supplier's private product manufacturability information.
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