Jing Yang

According to our database1, Jing Yang authored at least 40 papers between 2005 and 2019.

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Differentially Private Release of the Distribution of Clustering Coefficients across Communities.
Security and Communication Networks, 2019

A Strategy of Cluster-Based Distributed Location Service.
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Groups make nodes powerful: Identifying influential nodes in social networks based on social conformity theory and community features.
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Time-selective integrated scheduling algorithm with backtracking adaptation strategy.
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High-Value User Identification Based on Topic Weight.
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Twitter Sentiment Analysis Based on Ordinal Regression.
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Benign Strategy for Recommended Location Service Based on Trajectory Data.
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A Strategy toward Collaborative Filter Recommended Location Service for Privacy Protection.
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Sentiment-based and hashtag-based Chinese online bursty event detection.
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Generate domain-specific sentiment lexicon for review sentiment analysis.
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Microblog sentiment analysis with weak dependency connections.
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A robust two-stage algorithm for local community detection.
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Tip Over Community: Backbone Nodes Detection Based on Community Structure.
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Differential Privacy for Edge Weights in Social Networks.
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A load balance oriented cost efficient scheduling method for parallel tasks.
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A cooperative scheduling method based on the device load feedback for multiple tasks scheduling.
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The privacy preserving method for dynamic trajectory releasing based on adaptive clustering.
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