Liang Yu

According to our database1, Liang Yu authored at least 105 papers between 2000 and 2020.

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Utilising CI environment for efficient and effective testing of NFRs.
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False-Data Injection Attack in Electricity Generation System Subject to Actuator Saturation: Analysis and Design.
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Being low along a sequence and elsewhere.
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BASIS THEOREMS FOR ${\rm{\Sigma }}_2^1$ -SETS.
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An improved human physiological simulation model for healthcare applications.
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Time-Varying Networks of Inter-Ictal Discharging Reveal Epileptogenic Zone.
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Predicting potential treatments for complex diseases based on miRNA and tissue specificity.
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On the Reals Which Cannot Be Random.
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Friend or Foe: Cyberbullying in Social Network Sites.

On Martin's pointed tree theorem.
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The extraction of drug-disease correlations based on module distance in incomplete human interactome.
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Real-Time Energy Management for Cloud Data Centers in Smart Microgrids.
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The generation of high-dimensional optical beam by waveguide surface holographic grating.
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Online energy management for data centers and electric vehicles in smart grid environment.
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An Underwater Target Recognition Method Based on Tracking, Trajectory, and Optimum Seeking Data Joint.
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Randomness in the Higher Setting.
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Speculative Parallelism Characterization Profiling in General Purpose Computing Applications.
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A real-time welding training system base on virtual reality.
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Frame compatible format fast encoder with stereo matching.
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iVizTRANS: Interactive visual learning for home and work place detection from massive public transportation data.
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Attitude control for spacecraft based on linear active disturbance rejection control technique.
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A reducibility related to being hyperimmune-free.
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The strategies for designing collaborative scripts.
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